Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Report of the book release event - ‘Butterflies of Christ University’ – on January 11, 2018

‘Butterflies of Christ University’, the third book by the Green Army student forum was officially released on 11th of January 2018. The book release function took place in the Council Room, Christ University, Main Campus. The chief guest of the day was Dr. KrishnameghKunte, Reader, NCBS. The Registrar of Christ University Dr. Anil Pinto was also present for the function. It was a proud moment for the Department of Life Sciences as it successfully published a third pictorial guide of the species in the campus after ‘The Bird Book’ and ‘Guhanagiri’. The interactive session with Dr. KrishnameghKunte was highly appreciated by students as it gave them an opportunity to put forward their ideas and obtain deeper knowledge about research through his suggestions and highly qualified work experience. The event ended on a triumphant note under the guidance of Dr P U Antony.

Sunday, 18 February 2018


  The Life Science Association organized a guest lecture on Demise of Arctic Sea Ice by Dr Vishnu Nandan, University of Calgary, Canada. Dr Vishnu had done his research in the area of remote sensing in measuring Arctic sea ice. He was the lead author of a research article which was published in Geophysical Letters, October 2017 issue, which emphasised the role of salt in sea ice which interfered with the measurement of polar sea ice depths by satellites. He was also featured in the February issue of Frontline magazine.During the session, he talked in detail about the techniques involved in measuring sea ice thickness and also elaborated on the effects of dwindling sea ice on the Arctic ecosystem. 

Dr Nandan also gave another lecture on the topic “Potential Research and Career Opportunities in the area of Climate Change Studies and Cryogeography to the MSc students of Biotechnology, Botany and Zoology. The students were very enthusiastic hearing the lecture and asked a multitude of doubts after both the sessions to which Dr Nandan replied patiently and in detail. The session was attended by students of BSc and MSc Life Sciences and also few faculty from Life Sciences, Chemistry and Computer Science.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Report on alumni guest lecture on “microtubules in cell migration” by life science association

On 5 January, 2018, a talk was organized by the Life Science Association for the postgraduate students of Life Sciences, on the topic “Microtubules in cell migration”. The talk was given by Ms. Shailaja Seetharaman of Pasteur Institute, Paris, formerly a student of Christ. With a brief introduction on Cell Migration and Cytoskeletal structures, the talk was directed towards the role of this very phenomenon in Cancer cells. Just like a cell cannot move without a stimulus, it cannot attach to the extracellular matrix without focal adhesions. Thus these focal adhesions were highlighted to play a major role in cell adhesion. The talk then went on revolve around tubulin-acetylation and its effect on focal adhesion turn-over and dynamics.Before the end of the talk, Ms. Seetharaman brought to our notice the various criteria to be checked while presenting research data in the form of figures. The students thoroughly benefitted from the interaction.

Monday, 15 January 2018


The Life Science Association, Christ University, had organized an Alumni Panel Discussion on “Arena of Higher Studies in Life Sciences” on January 5, 2018. The panel members were all alumni of Christ University Life Science departmentcurrently doing research in reputed Universities in India and abroad. The resource persons included Shailaja Seetharaman of Pasteur Institute, Paris, Aparajitha Chatterjee of University College London, UK, Drupad P Durgaiah of Australian National University, Canberra and Arundhati Kavoor of IIT, Bombay. The discussion was primarily centered on the kind of pedagogy and research in such Universities and the modalities of application processes. The moderator of the panel discussion was Dr Suma S, Coordinator of the Life Science Association. The students were highly inquisitive and posed a lot of queries all of which were enthusiastically answered by the resource persons. This event has helped in building a good network between the alumni and the current batch of students.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Guest Lecture by foreign faculty onTelemedicine in Space missionsheldon December 13, 2017-a joint venture by KAAS and Christ

The department of Life Sciences, Christ University organized a guest lecture in association with KAAS (Karnataka Association of Advancement of Science) on December 13, 2017. The resource person was Dr Thais Russomano, Faculty, Department of Life Science and Medicine, King’s College, London and Director of Innova Space. Dr Suma S, Life Science Association Coordinator gave the welcome address, following which Dr George Thomas, Associate Dean of Science gave the message.  Dr Geetha Bali, who was former Vice Chancellor of Karnataka Women’s University, Bijapurand currently the President of KAAS,introduced the speaker and spoke on various activities and mandates of KAAS. The talk by Dr Thais on the topic “Telemedicine in Space Missions” was very informative. She spoke at length on changes in human physiology in microgravity conditions and also about few of her patents on gadgets which can be used in space for astronauts. Her words were truly inspiring and elicited a lot of queries from the audience. The vote of thanks was delivered by Prof Anandaram M N, Former Professor of Physics, Bangalore University and currently the Vice President of KAAS.


Thursday, 14 December 2017

Report on National Moth Week Celebration by Department of Life Sciences

The students of Green Army led by Dr P U Antoney, Professor, Dept of Life Sciences has actively taken part in the celebrations of National Moth Week, 2017. During the last week of July 2017, interested students went around the campus in the late evenings searching for moths, clicking photos if possible and uploading them on biodiversity portals, from where they can be identified. This was another citizen science initiative, through which a large amount of data on diversity, range, habitat and other behavioral aspects of moths can be retrieved. This could prove to be important data for researchers and conservationists.

Report on Trekking Activities of Green Army, Department of Life Sciences 2017

The students of Green Army, under the leadership of Dr P.U.Antoney, Professor, Dept of Life sciences, had gone for three trekking trips in the year 2017. The trek to Devarabetta was organized on June 30, 2017, the one to Achalubetta on July1, 2017 and the trek to Kabbalammadurga on November 12, 2017. The last one was a bit difficult as the altitude was high and also the terrain was a bit slippery. The second one was rich in biodiversity. The students could appreciate the immense biodiversity and the beauty of nature by way of such treks.