Tuesday 4 October 2011

Dept. of Psycology Organised - VAARIYA

Vaariya The Excellent One - The Hunt for The Best HR Manager   
held on 28-09-2011

The M.Sc. Psychology HRDM, at Christ University aims at training students in the application of psychological knowledge in organizations/ industries. The course is interdisciplinary in nature and it aims at achieving professional expertise in the management of human and social aspects of work organizations. The program attempts to equip students with a wide range of competences and skills and also provide training in various personnel functions.

Vaariya - the hunt for the best HR Manager was a venture by the students of M.Sc. HRDM that aimed at providing an opportunity to exhibit a plethora of competencies needed to be an avante garde HR manager.. During the event, the participants underwent  rigorous process of selection and elimination. Only those with the nervous of steel emerged as triumphant.


There were a series of events held catering to groups as well as individual participants. The event had participation from Sri Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain College, Crescent Business School, Chennai, Justice K.S. Hegde Institute of Management, Mangalore, Institute of Finance and International Management, Madras School of Social Work and Christ University - Department of Psychology, Management and Social Work. Various group events such as SWOT cats, Analyze this, Mixed pickle and Poster it were held to evaluate group efforts and dynamics. The Best HR manager event itself had  a series of sub events to critically judge and analyze the hunt for the best. Quiz, Psychological Assessment, Debate, Turn Coat, Quick Fix, Shipwreck and People Management were the sub events. 

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