Wednesday 23 November 2011

----- Talk by Prof.Brian Wolf: November 16, 2011 -----

REPORT: Talk by Prof.Brian Wolf

Date: 16th Nov 2011
Topic: Modernity and Rationalization in India

Mc Donaldization, a phenomenon that is spreading like wildfire across the globe today, was the Main Topic of Thought and Deliberation in Prof Brian Wolf’s Guest Lecture on the 16th November 2011. Guest Faculty, Mr Brian Wolf, a Professor of Sociology at the Idaho University, USA, was amongst the students of classes 1st PSEco, PSEng, EPS, MA  Sociology, and a team of USAC members, to conduct a presentation on a topic of great  relevance in today’s day and age.
The presentation brought to light the various types of Human Actions, according to Max Webber, which hold true in our daily dealings. Categorized into instrumental, value, emotional and traditional, it simplified and brought out the significance of our actions and reactions.

The main area of focus, however, was Mc Donaldization a concept by George Ritzer. With predictability, efficiency, calculability and control being the main driving force of this phenomenon, Mc Donaldization has not only made life simpler but has also changed our approach to life and its expectations.

The integration of this concept with traditions and cultures of a country like India, also made us realise, if we still hold on to our conventional ways of life, while trying to keep pace with the rest of the world or get influenced by westernization and forget our long and glorious history. 
The presentation concluded with an interactive session, wherein student put out their points of views and opinions on the topic of Mc Donaldization, which was well received by Prof Brian. 

On the whole the entire guest lecture was very informative and thought provoking and made each one of us question, if ‘modernity and rationalization on the same plane in India’.

By Radhika Mitra
1st PSEco

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