Friday 16 December 2011

USHUS 2011 – A Report

USHUS 2011 – A Report

The year 2011 marked the successful completion of 14 years of the management fest, Ushus. The theme of Ushus was Inicio, meaning, the beginning. The event gained momentum with the formation of student and faculty teams. The initial tasks of identifying the theme and designing of the brochure for sponsorships started in the month of September 2011. At the same time, teams and committees were formed from the senior group of students. The sponsorship team also started its work of sourcing funds during this period. The student core team worked on budget estimates and other details.

Invitations in e-copy format were dispatched to b-schools across the country by mid of October. It was also followed up by sending the hardcopies.  Sponsorships came in the form of some cash and vouchers for some of the events. 

Ushus 2011 also marked the launch of the Ushus logo. The logo was sourced through an in-house competition.  With respect to individual events, there were seven events carried forward from last year and two were introduced in 2011. The functional events of Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Information Technology, Operations, Social Responsibility and Business Quiz had better rounds both for the inter and intra events. A new event launched this year was an integrating round that pulled participants from across the events. There were several dramatic events staged as a part of the round to make it more interesting. Another event that made this year’s Ushus quite interesting was the Simulation event. Participants had to take decisions on entering different markets for a set of products. They were all guided by a set of data which formed the framework of the event.  The entire event was a computer simulation played over a period of two days, which was divided into eight quarters.

All the efforts culminated on November 25th and 26th with the start of the event. The inauguration was initiated by the faculty in-charge of the event. The chief guest was Mr. Lakshmipathy Bhat, VP of DRAFT-FCB Ulka. He shared simple truths for a successful career. His talk was highlighted with many anecdotes from his life. Following the inauguration all the events started their preliminary rounds. On the second day many events closed by lunch except the Best Manager, Business Quiz and the Finance Rounds. The quiz and the best manager final rounds were exciting and grabbed the attention of the audience. The second day also saw the closure of the fest with prize announcements. The overall champion of the intra rounds was grabbed by section A while the inter-event winners were XIME, Bangalore.

Looking forward, there is ample scope of improvement in the quality of rounds, scheduling and strategizing the schedule of all activities. The team has considered the feedback provided by participants, volunteers, student-heads, faculty and the director. The Ushus team is hopeful that the learning from 2011 would make Ushus 2012 to scale newer heights.

Prof. Bharathi S. Gopal
CUIM, Bangalore

Photographs of Ushus 2011



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