Wednesday 9 October 2013

Exhibition on Social issues is organized by Department of Psychology on 13th September 2013

Department of Psychology                                                     Dated:13.09.2013

As part of the continuous internal assessment of the Advanced Social Psychology paper the students of the I M.Sc. Psychology (Clinical) class organised an exhibition on 23 September 2013, on social issues in the Bangalore metropolis. This exhibition was a follow up to an earlier activity in which the students had created blogs and initiated online discussion forums on the same topics. 

A flash mob was organised as a part of publicity for the exhibition. The event was formally inaugurated by Prof. Mallika Krishnaswami, Dean - Humanities and Social Sciences and Dr. Tony Sam George, Head - Department of Psychology. This was followed by a brief address by the dean who emphasised on the educative value of such activities and commended the efforts by the students to raise awareness on pertinent social issues. 

Ten stalls on the following topics were set up namely:

  • Garbage disposal
  • Discrimination against single men for accommodation
  • Spirituality and Health
  • Poverty and Education
  • The LGBT Community
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases  
  • Rampant Urbanisation
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Live-in Relationships
  • Issues related to adolescence 

The exhibition was displayed through  posters, pictures, videos and pamphlets.It was based on a scientific foundation of social psychology theories and concepts and how they can be applied to change or reinforce prevailing attitudes. The evaluation was based on an understanding of relevant concepts related to the social issues ,ability to apply relevant theories appropriately to social issues, ability to formulate and develop argments and methods used to communicate the concepts creatively.

On the whole the exhibition was both intellectually stimulating and gratifying for the students to engage in fruitful discussions with the visitors to the various stalls.

Tissy Mariam Thomas & Miriam Mohan

Department of Psychology

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