Friday 10 January 2014


The event that has given the opportunity to the teacher trainees to display and demonstrate their teaching aids and teaching models was conducted on 10th January,  2014.
The event was inaugurated by Prof. Mallika Krishnaswami, Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, Christ University. The Dean addressed the student teachers with an inspiring talk. Ma’m spoke about the way the School of Education showcases their creativity, talent which is inspiring year after year.  Every year, teaching becomes more challenging with the students becoming more restless and energetic.  So, it is quite a bit challenging for the teaching fraternity to grab their attention.  With technology growing exponentially and information being easily accessible for the students, dependency on class room teaching is reducing.  But the emotional connection between teachers and students cannot be replaced with technology.  With teachers being committed and professional to what they do, overall development takes place.

Boosted by the inspiring address, the display of teaching aids and models started in the exhibition hall in Central Block.  Six methodologies have showcased their talent and creativity with wide spread models which were away from traditional method of teaching. 

For learning to take place in cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains, specific models were displayed in the methodologies of Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, English and Social Science.

Mathematics methodology team has displayed interesting and exciting models ranging from vedic mathematics to multiply three digit numbers on finger tips to linear equations.  From Geo-board to proving sum of angles of triangles, visually appealing colorful solid shapes, Pascal’s triangle, volume of prism by using building blocks, detachable solid shapes, Pythagoras theorem were displayed and demonstrated.
Physics methodology team has displayed working models of bristle bot, tri bot, beetle bug, solar cooker, pinhole camera, 4-stroke engine, demonstration of Pascal’s law, electro-magnetic induction, total internal reflection, thermos flask, multiple reflection, kaleidoscope, solar system were displayed and demonstrated.

Biology methodology team has displayed scintillating models of human circulatory system and digestive system along with animal cell, clay models of amoeba, hydra.  Three dimensional models of human heart, cross section model of skin, working model of kidney functioning were displayed.

Chemistry methodology team has displayed working models of electrolysis, salt water conducting electricity, chromatography, water cycle, air pressure, structure of atom, ionic bonding, covalent bonding, allotropy, vinegar and baking soda forming carbon-dioxide we displayed.

English methodology team has displayed some out of the box models like three dimensional models of the characters in their lessons like Panna, Banbir to give a humanistic approach to the subject.palace of Mewar, flip charts, flow charts, electric circuit for past tense, cross-word puzzles were displayed

Social science methodology team has displayed three dimensional models of Tajmahal, Kutubminar, core of earth and working models of solar system, volcano, solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, frost action were displayed.  Time line of Akbar, world map on lamp shade, flip chart on famous people belonging to literature, great scientists, poets were displayed.
The feedback was positive, encouraging, supportive and rewarding.  The event winded up at 4:30 P.M. after it was graced by our Vice-chancellor, Registrar, Father T.V.Thomas, faculty from other departments,  and students from various disciplines.
To put it in a nutshell, the display was wide spread, vibrant, colorful and informative and they were made out of inexpensive items which the teachers can make and use in their future teaching careers.  

Jacqueline Kareem, Coordinator
Sri Sowmya K, Reporter.


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