Sunday, 25 September 2016


The inauguration of the IEEE-PES Student Branch Chapter under the Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering of Faculty of Engineering, Christ University was conducted on Wednesday, 13 July, 2016 at First Block Auditorium of Faculty of Engineering. The Program began at 10. A.M in the presence of Mr. Sethuraman Ganesan, IEEE PES Banglore Section Chair, Dr. Balaraman Kannan, IEEE PES Banglore Section Vice Chair,  Rev. Fr. Benny Thomas, Director, Faculty of Engineering , Ms.Nirmala John, Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department Co-ordinator and Dr. S. Suganthi, IEEE Student Branch Counsellor. The Events began with an Invocation dance by the IEEE-PES student members. This was followed by Lighting of the Lamp by the dignitaries and the student representatives. 

Ms.Nirmala John, Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department Co-ordinator welcomed all the dignitaries and other faculty members and IEEE delegates who had come and graced the occasion. Rev. Fr. Benny Thomas, Director, Faculty of Engineering delivered the Presidential Address wherein he emphasised on the need for inculcating virtues and ethics in life which would enable us to be good and responsible engineers. This was followed by the Introductory Remarks on PES by Mr. Parag Jose, Faculty Advisor , IEEE-PES SB. The speaker highlighted the benefits of being an PES member and the role of PES in shaping the future. Mr. Sethuraman Ganesan, IEEE PES Bangalore Section Chair  during his inaugural address highlighted the role of IEEE and IEEE-PES in making a better world. The birth of IEEE-PES, the growth of IEEE-PES and the activities and achievements of IEEE-PES Banglore section was highlighted by the speaker. He also invited the IEEE-PES members to be participants in Workshop on Energy Analytics to be held at IISc, Bangalore on 23rd and 24th September 2016. He also invited the members to be volunteers for the IEEE-PES Bangalore Section Flag Event, Ninth Annual Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering Conference (IEEE PES APPEEC 2017) to be held in 2017.

This was followed by the handing over of First membership card by Mr. Sethuraman Ganeshan to IEEE-PES Interim Chair Mr. Arka Pramanik, a student of Fifth Semester B.Tech in Electrical & Electronics Engineering. Dr.S Suganthi, IEEE SB Counsellor handed over the badges of responsibility to the office bearers of IEEE-PES SB.

The Chair, IEEE-PES SB, Mr. Mangot Sreejish then delievered the Vote of Thanks, thanking the dignitaries, the faculty members and students who took great effort in making the event a grand success. Then the Inauguration concluded with Christ University Anthem. 

Dr. Balraman Kannan, IEEE- PES Banglore Section, Vice- Chair delivered the keynote address.The session started with introducing the changes happening in the energy sector, especially with smart techniques. On the History of sciences, the speaker explained Kondratieff cycles, where technology innovations led to economic growth and a period of recession before next great innovation. In the history there were cycles propelled by Steam engines, railways, electricity, chemistry and IC engines, petrol, plastic and electric motor, IT, biotech and new materials. The first, second and third industrial revolution periods are seen during the periods 1760-1850, 1890-1944, 1990-2040. The speaker further added that technology has transformed the way the things are perceived every time in the history. Today’s industrial revolution is leading to distributed capitalism than monolithic structure. Energy is becoming more democratised as all the consumers are acting both as producer and consumer or act as a ‘prosumer’. The main pillars in democratization of energy are renewable energy, energy buildings, hydrogen storage, intelligent grid, fuel cell vehicles.New energy systems with new communication techniques offer great economic transformation –which is the key in third industrial revolution. Future grid is more secure with better communication and total control. The grid becoming digital with lot of devices and communication protocols.Continentalization of energy has become a reality today. The entire European grid is integrated to form a single grid, where country borders are fading away. This enable the countries to utilize the excess energy during the peak demand seasons from other countries where the energy requirement is less during the season due to the difference in weather conditions. The details of the proposed Asian super grid was also given by the speaker. 

He also gave insights to digitization of manufacturing, Class room makeover, virtual reality etc.
The session concluded with a question answer session, where Dr. Balaraman Kannan answered the questions from the audience.

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