Thursday 14 December 2017

Report on Lake Restoration and Tree Plantation Activities of Green Army, Department of Life Sciences 2017

The students of Green Army, under the leadership of Dr P.U.Antoney, Professor, Dept of Life sciences, had, as part of the Byrasandra Lake Restoration Project, conducted two major cleanup drives and one tree plantation drive in the lake premises during the course of the year 2017. This was done by a successful collaboration with BBMP and the ever-enthusiastic residents from the colonies around the lake. The species that were planted included trees like Honge (Pongamia pinnata), Nile Trumpet (Markhamia lutea), Singapore Cherry (Muntingia calabura) and other keystone species which add to the sustenance of the lake ecosystem. The cleanup drives were hugely successful, with a large number of people turning up in order to cleanse the lake bed and surroundings from the heaps of solid and household waste. 

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