Tuesday 28 January 2020

Report on Awareness Campaign 2020

An awareness campaign on Energy conservation, e-waste, Hazards of mobile phone radiation, Renewable energy sources was organized on 24 January 2020, by the second year BSc (PME and CME) students as a part of their Electronics Club activities.
This awareness campaign is being held annually with an objective to sensitize the students about various environmental and energy related issues. This activity is designed to enable students to understand the concept, do a literature survey, analyze it and prepare for the presentation. It also aims at helping students in improving their interpersonal skills.

The students from IV semester PME and CME classes under the guidance of the faculty members of the department participated in the campaign held in the Garden Street of Bangalore Central campus. There were 35 teams, a total about 134 students, showcasing their ideas in the form of charts and explaining their respective topics to the visitors. There was also a brief video show by students on the impact of excessive usage of headphones on physical and mental health. The students from other classes, other deaneries and faculty members from other departments interacted with the student volunteers during the campaign.

The campaign helped the participating teams to learn about the need for effective e-waste management, renewable energy sources and helped in knowing more about the hazards of mobile phone radiation, headphones. The visitors got a lot of useful information about all the topics by interacting with the team members.
The Electronics Club sincerely thanks the management for providing the opportunity and encouragement to organize such a socially relevant campaign in the campus.

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