Tuesday 29 September 2020

Highest Packages and Top Recruiters

The placement record at Christ (Deemed to be University) is something to be covered, both in terms of highest packages offered and also top recruiters, mainly from the Big Four consisting of KPMG, Ernst Young, Deloitte and PriceWater Cooper (PwC) who make a big number of offers. The following statistics serve to authenticate the same.  There are over 60 companies which have offered a minimum CTC (Cost to Company) of Rs 5 Lakhs per annum, going up to Rs 13 Lakhs per annum. The best package offered was Rs 13.12 Lakhs by Sailax AI for students from the MBA and MA in Media and Communication Studies Programmes.

We have had 14 companies that have offered a minimum of Rs 10 Lakhs Cost To Company(CTC) per annum, and at least 23 companies which have offered packages in the bracket of Rs 6 Lakhs to Rs 9.5 Lakhs CTC per annum.

Some of the organizations that have paid high packages are as follows - Sailax AI, MoneyTap, ITC Foods, Practo, MTR, Chai point, Axxela Advisory Servies, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (hpe), Aspire Systems, Bain Capability Network, Citigroup, Odessa, Gajra Pai & Zhu, DE Shaw & Co, Radisys, ZS Associates, Infosys, Vedanta, Swiss Re, Accenture, Boston Consulting Group, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), SE2, Kristal AI, Tresvista, Dell, Verity, Arcesium, Cerner etc.

The companies which offer best packages have not only recruited from the MBA programmes, but also from BTech, BCom programmes, BBA programmes, BA Economics Honours, MSW, MSc Actuarial Science, BCA, BSc EMS (Economics, Mathematics & Statistics), MA Media & Communication Studies, MCA, MA English with Communication Studies. Students from across streams and programmes have proven their mettle when it comes to securing high packages and challenging job profiles as well.

Christ (Deemed to be University) offers one of the best placement opportunities for students in Bangalore. Most of the organizations prefer to recruit our students as our students display a good aptitude, attitude and possess good verbal and written communication skills along with other technical skills for various job profiles. The profiles offered by these companies can be broadly classified in the following areas: Marketing & Sales, Information Technology, Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Research, Management Consulting, Advisory, Technical Writing, Business and Data Analytics etc.

Here are a few excerpts from students who have succeeded in breaking barriers and landing dream jobs on the role of Christ (Deemed to be University) in mould-ing and nurturing their skills and talents.

“It’s rightly said that a great kick start to one’s career is achieved by strong will and determination in yourself along with proper guidance from your mentors. Christ (Deemed to be University) has proven to be that guiding factor in my life. From giving me platforms for public speaking to grooming me as a self-confident personality, these three years in Christ have been amazing… that provided me with this huge opportunity to be a part of an organization like Bain”. Mansi Goyat, Bcom Honours, a student placed at Bain Capability Network, Gurgaon

“Education is the foundation upon which we build our future, and I profoundly owe it to Christ (Deemed to be University) for preparing me for my future endeavours. I not only acknowledge Christ (Deemed to be University) for my academic progression but also for the cultivation of my present character and humane qualities… I find myself at an advantaged spot to be able to sit for the world’s most prestigious companies during campus placements…” Stuti Sanghi, BCom Honours, a student placed at Bain Capability Network.

“The most distinguishing factor that sets us apart from others is the spirit of values, the dignity we uphold as students of Christ (Deemed to be University). The university has provided us with countless opportunities to develop and showcase our skills….whether it be management fests, creative CIAs or other cultural activities, which has ensured that we put to test every part of our brain” Anmol Kaur, BCom Honours, placed at Bain Capability Network.

Top Recruiters are those organizations that have made the most number of offers. Every year, it is usually the companies from the Big Four, who are the top recruiters, especially, Ernst & Young (EY), Deloitte and KPMG. The Big Four refers to the four largest auditing firms i.e., EY, Deloitte, PwC & KPMG. The Big Four firms are way ahead in comparison to other auditing firms, both in terms of revenue and workforce and the ability to provide a wide scope of quality professional services to their clients. The Big Four have recruited thousands of students from the UG and PG programs over the years.

However, apart from the Big Fours, other companies have also recruited a large number of students over the years. The following organizations have made the most number of offers across undergraduate and postgraduate courses - Deloitte (185 offers); Ernst & Young (EY) (121 offers); KPMG (83 offers);  Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) (67 offers); Goldman Sachs (48 offers); Cerner (43 offers); Deutsche Bank (41 offers) and Amazon (38 offers).

The top recruiters offered the following job profiles to the undergraduate and postgraduate students. Deloitte, Ernst & Young (EY) and KPMG offer job roles related to Audit/Assurance, Tax, Information Technology Advisory and Risk Advisory roles. TCS, Cerner and Amazon offered management trainee, content writing and Information Technology job roles. Goldman Sachs & Deutsche Bank offered job profiles related to Finance, Investments and Operations.

The following are the excerpts from some of our students who were placed in some of the top recruiters.

“I would like to thank the placement office that provided us this wonderful opportunity to kick start our career. The soft skills training they provided, really helped us in preparing for the campus recruitment process. The Department of Commerce, Christ (Deemed to be University) facilitated us by providing relevant knowledge and motivated us.” Nanditha AS, BCom, placed in Deloitte USI

“Thank you so much to Placement Office, Christ (Deemed to be University) and Deloitte USI for providing such an excellent opportunity for the students (fresh-ers) to kick start their career in the best possible way. The placement experience was seamless; everything was very organized which helped us, candidates, to keep ourselves composed throughout the process.” Prashanth S., BCom, placed in Deloitte USI

"Auditing has always been my passion and to be an auditor for one of the Big 4s has always been my dream. Thanks to the placement office at Christ (Deemed to be University), I got the opportunity to work for KPMG KGS. I am excited for the path before me!” Muneer Omer, BBA F&A, KPMG KGS

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