Saturday 19 November 2022

Report on PCB Design and Fabrication Workshop 2022

The Department of Physics and Electronics had organized a Workshop on PCB Design and Fabrication for the BSc Electronics students (PME and CME) on 12 November in association with Sukant Projects laboratory Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru, in UG Electronics lab, Block 1, Bangalore Central Campus. The workshop aimed at developing necessary technical skills in undergraduate electronics students that are required by the Electronics manufacturing industries especially in the field of PCB design and fabrication.

Dr. Mukund N Naragund, Workshop - Coordinator introduced the technical team from Sukant Projects laboratory Pvt. Ltd., to the participants and briefed about the importance of the workshop. Mr. Sukant Kumar Behera, Director and CEO, Sukant Projects laboratory Pvt. Ltd., explained the technical aspects of PCB and related process after which Mr. Sukant and his team members practically demonstrated various steps involved in PCB etching technology. They distributed all the necessary materials, chemicals and electronic components to the students required to design a PCB and to complete a basic Hobby Project. They guided and helped the students in the entire process.

A total of 40 students participated in the workshop and they all designed and constructed a Night Lamp Circuit on PCB. Students enjoyed the process of designing the electronic circuit layout, etching technique and soldering the components on their PCB. Finally they demonstrated the working of their own design enthusiastically. The students enjoyed the hands on experience with the small project completed during the workshop and they all appreciated the initiative from the faculty members of the department in organising the workshop.

Dr. George Thomas, Dean of Sciences, Dr. Manoj B , Head of the Department, Prof. Benny Sebastian, Head of Specialization, UG Electronics and other faculty members of the department were present during the workshop.

The department sincerely thanks the University for providing all necessary support to organise this skill development workshop for students.

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