Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Guest Lecture Program on the Topic “Blue Green Algae”

Department of Botany organized a special guest lecture program on the Topic “Blue Green Algae” delivered by an Algologist Dr.Veeresh (Department of Botany, Chowgule College, Margao, Goa) on 16th July at 2 PM, in Room no 911, Central Block Ms Namratha of the 3 year B.Sc, was Mastering the function. Prof. George Thomas welcomed the guest and the gathering.

The lecture covered various aspects of the blue green algae, Starting from the occurrence, distribution, types, morphological variations, growth pattern, reproduction, the economic importance and usage as food by human beings. Students attended the program with enthusiasm and discipline. The students asked a lot of doubts on this topic. As a part of the entertainment, Ms. Hanna Kim and Ms.Niehenuo of the 3 year B.Sc., sang a wonderful English song.

The lecture concluded by a vote of Thanks by Prof. M. Xavier Vincent. The program was attended by Dr. Louis George, Associate Dean of Science, Prof. Arul Chellasamy from Department of Zoology, All the members of the Department of Botany and Students of I BCB, CBZ, 3 BCB, CBZ, 5 BCB & 5 CBZ.

Prepared by:
Xavier Vincent, HOD, Department of Botany,
Christ University,  Bangalore.


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