Sunday 15 July 2012

Session on the Current Global Economy and Emerging Trends

Department of Management Studies conducted a Session on the "Current Global Economy and Emerging Trends"

Session on “Current Global Economy and Emerging Trends” on 13th July 2012, Friday 2pm to 4pm, Department of Management Studies conducted a session on the current global economy and emerging trends. This session would not have been possible without the guidance of Dr. Jain Mathew and Prof. Mahesh Haridas. This session was conducted for finance students of BBM(Bachelors of Business Management) and BBA(Bachelors of Business Administration). Even USAC Exchange program students took part in this session. Totally around 180 students were part of this interactive session.

This interaction session was conducted mainly for at providing all round information about global affairs to the students. Today what we learn about global issues is through media and the perceptions we have will not be as same as that of the citizens of the particular country. Eg. About any issues in America we learn from news papers and media on any topic is not understood in the way an actual citizen of America understands. So in order to increase our intellectual horizon in terms of global issues and to have a clear cut idea about it, this interaction session was conducted where speakers from different parts of the world talking about the economic issues, political issues, social issues and relationship with other main countries with their country.

The speakers from different countries, currently studying in Christ University as exchange program students of USAC, represented their own country talking about its past and current economic issues, political issue, relationship of their country with other countries etc. Selected Students of Christ University Management Studies, Represented India. These students have a strong background. Every topic was discussed deeply and there was a comparison interaction between many countries where we learnt a lot of difference in various countries. The panel discussion resulted in broadening the intellectual horizon in terms of understanding different economy, different views and perception on same topics, different suggestion on future aspects of different economy. 

This session was a great learning experience for all the students present in the session. It was more of an interaction session. Everyone were allowed to participated which is one of the reasons for its success. This session gave students and speakers a lot of knowledge on the economy of different countries in relationship with their country. Students Participated very actively in terms of putting forward their views and perception on the topics. Students were so curious and involved in asking questions to the representative, which made the session more vibrant and an effective learning event. More of these sessions can provide students a practical knowledge and a great exposure on current global issues related to their field of interest.


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