Monday 5 August 2013

Christ University Kannada Sangha - Released its 227th Publication “Aartha”

Christ University Kannada Sangha

The Kannada Sangha in Christ University released its two twenty seventh publication “Aartha” on 24th July 2013 in the university campus. It was a Marathi book translated to Kannada by renowned writer and translator Mr. Chandrakantha Pokale.

Prof. O L Nagabhushanaswamy a famous critic was the chief guest of the function. Dr. Vikram Visaji, a young professor of Kannada at Central University, Gulbarga spoke about the book.

Vikram Visaji said that Chandrakantha Pokale is one of the best and experienced translators in contemporary Kannada literature. Speaking about the book he said that stories in this collection such as Shradha, Sankramana, Roots and Janma voice out a sense of suffering. Therefore the title “Aartha” is appropriate. Feelings like lethargy and despair that are usually found in families are mirrored through these stories. Around fifty to sixty questions that examine life are asked reflecting the writer’s technique of storytelling.

Nagabhushanaswamy the Chief Guest spoke about the true essence of literature and its use. He called upon the youth to cultivate the habit of reading and critically analyzing it. He also said that reading serves for delight. Then talking about the book he quoted that “Every act of understanding is an act of translation” and Pokale has translated it very well. Complimenting Christ University Kannada Sangha and its work he said that, it stands different and unique when compared to other colleges.

Chandrakantha Pokale, the translator of the book and renowned author shared his experience and spoke about why Marathi literature attracted and influenced him. He observed that Marathi literature can boast of several women writers who represent a sound writing culture. Meghana Peti, Priya Tendulkar, Gowri Deshpandhe, Kamala Desai and Monica Gajendragadkar among others portray the problems of families from cosmopolitan and metropolitan contexts.

Fr. Varghese who presided over the function spoke about the essence of literature in one’s life.
A report of this function appeared in Praj Vani and Vijay Karnataka newspapers the following day.

Coordinator,Kannada Sangha

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