Tuesday 6 August 2013

Report On the Campaign on Water Management - Masters in Social Work

The 1st year students of Masters in Social Work 2013-15 s organized a campaign with the support of Centre for Social Action on 30 July, 2013 for spreading awareness on water management in Christ University campus.  The objectives of the campaign were to create awareness amongst the students on the importance of water and the need to use water wisely and conserve it for future utilisation.


The campaign began at 8 a.m. and lasted till 4 p.m. To conduct the campaign efficiently, the members were divided into four dynamic teams. Each team had the responsibility of. Through creative ideas and teamwork the students put up stalls and imparted information regarding conservation of water .

 The sticker and the caption box

The publicity team made 90 caption stickers stating, “Every drop counts save water” and pasted it on the washroom doors of Central block, Block I, Block II, Block III and P.U.C Block. The team came up with the idea of making water droplets out of ribbons and pinning it on the shirts/kurtis of the students when they entered the college campus, which was carried out with much enthusiasm by all the members. Apart from this, the first stall near the main gate was set up by the team which had a ‘caption box’ for students to write captions/slogans and also displayed posters on the consequences of wasting water, statistics on the rate of water depletion and ways to conserve it. 

Signature campaign 
The second stall was signature campaign booth. The main objective of this part of the campaign was to show how many people actually understand the importance of conserving water and have come forward to support the cause.

The team prepared a model of rain water harvesting and water filtration process for houses in urban and rural settings. The members explained the functioning and effectiveness of the model to the students.
Photo droplet studio
The photography team had set up a photo droplet studio. It had posters displaying how valuable each drop of water is. Students got their pictures clicked in the studio to show their support for the campaign.

Street play performance
All the members of Group I participated in the street play. The play depicted the use, overuse and misuse of water, the urgent need to stop wasting it and the negative effects it would have in the long run. Mr. Vinay from CSA and Mr. Prashant helped the members in the execution of the street play. The play was firstly enacted in front of the P.U.C. Block at 12p.m. and secondly in basketball court at 1:15p.m. The members were successful in keeping the interest of the crowd throughout their performance at both the venues.

The group was successful in executing the plans and organising the campaign. The members had a good time, but also worked under pressure during the pre-planning, planning and execution stage. The team was well coordinated and cohesive in each step. They were energetic and ready to take up any challenge. The campaign provided a platform where the members learnt to communicate information effectively, enhance their strengths and analyse their weaknesses and overcome them. 

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