Wednesday 5 February 2014

CORPORATE CONNECT PROGRAM - Being Passionate and What Next?

Department of Computer Science, Christ University
Date: 29th January 2014.
Venue: 911,Central Block, Christ University


Arun Mathew works at Oracle as Manager Business Development.

Senthil Kumar works at Trivium eSolutions as Sr. Software Engineer.

Mr Norton Stanley

On the 29th of January, the students of BCA and BSc attended a talk entitled “Being Passionate and What Next?” delivered by Mr. Arun Mathew, Mr. Norton Stanley and Mr. Senthil Kumar, under the corporate connect programin the Room no 911, Central Block, Christ University, organized by the university’s Department of Computer Science.

The program began with Mr. Arun Mathew addressing the audience. Talking about how it is never too late to make a change, Mr. Mathew questioned the interest of the students in the course they had taken and their suitability quotient. He talked about how students of computer science have been known to pursue their dreams, whether it was relevant to their course or not. Taking three examples, he talked of how one student did not like the course he was doing and consequently switched to the entertainment industry, how another did the course and carried on in that field, and how a third was interested in the course but could not cope with the pressure the college was placing on him, causing him to drop out but eventually establish his own company. Using these examples, Mr. Mathew reiterated the importance of pursuing one’s own dreams. Quoting Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, he went on to talk about not only having a dream, but working towards achieving it. He also discussed the severity of peer pressure and the repercussions that arise from succumbing to it when it comes to studying a course in college.
Mr. Senthil Kumar began his speech by questioning the qualities that a programmer must have: logic, passion, training and experience. Discussing what one can do to stand out from the crowd, Mr. Kumar suggested participating in more college fests to form more attractive curriculum vitae.  Speaking from personal experience, he began to share his own knowledge.

He talked about the various options available to the students after the completion of their course. 

Below several of these options have been listed:
Further studies in the civil services
Pursuing degrees like MCA and MS, etc.
He encouraged attending campus placements for companies like Wipro, IBM, and Infosys.
He also underlined the fact that the option of entrepreneurship always remains open.

Mr. Kumar went on to screen an inspirational video on who can be a programmer, and the creative dimension of programming, elaborating on how it is just another expression of creativity.

The last speaker of the program was Mr. Norton Stanley, who began his talk by mentioning the various programs that are available for students on campus.
Several student programs were listed by Mr. Norton Stanley such as:
The Microsoft Imagine Cup
The Worldwide Annual Competition sponsored and hosted by Microsoft
Google Student Ambassador Program
Infosys Student Ambassador Program
Microsoft Student Partner Program, Starpreneur
Wikipedia Campus Ambassador Program
Firefox Student Ambassador
Microsoft Dreamspark Program. 

He went on to give a very motivational speech, reiterating the fact that one must not give up on their passion if they are truly passionate about it. He ended his speech by saying, “No one is born a programmer, or a developer: it is what we choose to be and be passionate about.”
Question and answers session
The talks by the team of speakers were followed by an interactive question and answer session. Several questions were asked in which the audience voiced their own personal issues and received suitable guidance from the speakers. 

Vote Of Thanks
The vote of thanks was then delivered with the handing over of memento's to the three guest speakers, followed by dispersal.

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