Sunday 9 February 2014

KAVIDINA 2014 - Organised by Christ University Kannada Sangha

 Christ University, Kannada Sangha released three books on 31st January 2014

Hattu Dikkina Belaku of H.S.Raghavendra Rao and other two books of collection of poems and short stories – anthologies sourced from D.R.Bendre poetry writing contest (Kanasa Benhatti Nadige) and A.N.Krishnarao short story competition   for U.G and P.G students from colleges and universities across the state.

Dr. G.Ramakrishna was the chief guest, Dr.Satyanarayana reviewed the book “Hattu Dikkina Belaku”, and finance officer of Christ University Rev.Fr.Dr.Varghese presided over the function.
Reviewing the book ”Hattu Dikkina Belaku” K.Satyanarayana said that nowadays H.S.Raghavendra Rao is more into translation which helps to develop broad and comprehensive thought. He said translation is a part of extravagant desire of objectivity and once own self. Nowadays, even the readers are conditioned to certain ideology and expect the same from the writer. H.S.R also has an ideological self but he has tried to go beyond it in this book.

H.S.R has used many words in a new way, has given new dimensions to it in a prudent way. Hattudikkina belaku is a best example for exposure to multiples, he added.

Author H.S.R said 31st January is very special for all of us as it is the Birthday of Varakavi D.R.Bendre. He said D.R.Bendre is not only one of the greatest poets of our time but also a great translator.

He said translation helps you in begin relevant to contemporary society. He advised students to grow elitism. He said readers lack patience and span of attention and hence, it becomes difficult for them to understand literature.
Praising Christ University he said coming to Christ University is like going to a pilgrimage. It has been a bridge between languages and has worked towards harmony of languages and it is a nurturing ground for young and upcoming writers.

Dr. G. Ramakrishna, a renowned thinker and writer, gave the key note address. While speaking he took a dig at a famous writer, who recently said “If politics and literature converges, as a writer I will die”. Ramakrishna said politics and literature should and must go parallel. Life and literature should go hand in hand just as society and literature should go together.

G.R. Said, HSR has conveyed many vital and essential messages effectively through this book. One should not be little and undermine facts. Now days it has become difficult to see unity in diversity. 

Fr. Varghese who presided over the function spoke about what Christ University plans to do and congratulated Kannada Sangha for being very active and productive. 

Students from different parts of Karnataka who had won prizes in D. R. Bendre poetry writing contest and A.N. Krishnarao Short story contest were awarded by the university.  

M.T.Rathi, Coordinator, Kannada Sangha

Audience during Kavidina 2014

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