Friday, 18 March 2016

Annual Project Exhibition 2016

The Annual Exhibition of Electronics Projects was organized by the Electronics Club on Friday, 19 Feb 2016 in the Electronics Lab, Block1 from 12 to 2pm.

The final year students of VI SEM B.Sc. PME and CME participated with their working projects. This exhibition was a part of the lab work for practical paper ELE 652. The Students completed the projects under the guidance of faculty members of the department. They demonstrated the working of their projects using charts, models and power point presentation to the visitors.

There were about 30 teams in the exhibition. The participating teams came out with various applications of Electronics in the form of their project like, Security access control, vehicle density based smart traffic light controller, synchronized robotic arm, prepaid electricity meter, Android App based home automation, Bluetooth controlled message display, solar powered plant pot, smart irrigation system, RF and DTMF controlled robotic vehicles, etc.
The students from junior classes visited the exhibition and interacted with the exhibiting teams. There were students also from other combinations and streams.

This exhibition was arranged as a part of Electronics Club activities and the faculty members of department of Electronics provided guidance to the students for the successful execution of the program.


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