Monday, 21 March 2016

Guest lecture on ‘Cellular Immune Mechanism- Future of HIV-TB confection research in India’ on February 2, 2016 by Dr. Annapoorna V, King’s college, London.

 The Life Science Association organized a guest lecture by a faculty from King’s College, London on the topic of HIV-TB connection. The resource person was Dr. Annapoorna V, Senior Professor, school of Medicine, King’s college, London. Thwe talk was held on 2.02.2016 in Room no. 105 of Central Block. She gave an overview of the global crisis associated with HIV and how the treatment is very problematic given the cellular mechanism followed by the virus. She also spoke about the infection mechanism and the involvement of CCR5 receptor in the disease. The co-infection occurs due to the fact that HIV infects TB specific cells. It was a very informative talk.


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