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CUIM - Quality Circle Inauguration Report

Quality Circle Inauguration Report

Quality Circle for the academic year 2013-2014, was inaugurated on June 21st in CUIM city campus. The chief guests who presided over the function were Mr.Jagadish Prasad, Mr.S.K.Venkataraman and Prof.Shivanandam. The faculty who were present were LOS HOD Prof.G.Ramachandran along with Prof.Gangadhar, Prof.Arcot Purna Prasad, Prof.Dakshinamurthy,Prof.Rita Malik, Prof.N.Ramakrishnan and Prof.Ansuman Chatterji.

The inaugural speech was given by LOS HOD Prof.G.Ramachandran, who was happy to note that the strength of LOS students increased each year, right from its inception in 2009 and also how programs related to Quality was improving and increasing for each academic year and also the enthusiastic response of students to it. He was also happy that LOS students had completed successfully Six Sigma Green belt certification by KPMG, which helped students to understand tools and techniques to tackle and improve quality not just in work but in all aspects of life. He wanted students to experience practical problems in implementing quality and this year with the formation of 22 QC teams and competition among them, he was sure that students would have a lot to learn.

Mr.Jagadish Prasad, chief of QCFI Bangalore, enthusiastically shared his wisdom and knowledge by being in the field for quality for more than two decades. His passion in the field was evident when he explained the example of Shavigebath,which was inspiring and indicated to us, that with proper use of knowledge, even laymen can implement quality in preparation process of a food item. He also outlined various activities of QCFI to tell people that “Quality is not an accident, but that it is an intelligent choice”.

Next, Mr.S.K.Venkataraman, popularly known as “Man with the eyes of an eagle” addressed us. He stressed upon how adequacy and accuracy are two important perspectives and when combined with decision making capability, how it helps us to understand the depth and clarity of the problem and find a solution for it. He also explained to us the importance of customer focus, adequate leadership, symbiotic relationship between customers and suppliers(both internal & external), process orientation, systems approach, concept of quality spiral, importance of being in present moment, striving for win-win situation, Quality triangle etc.  He also explained how people formed an integral part and can either make or break a system. He also told us the 5 important essential qualities required for each individual and he explained all this by beautifully correlating Indian Vedantic principles with that of Quality.

Prof.Shivanandam too shared his experiences and knowledge with many real life examples like BEL blood bank, leave applications etc. He shared his experience with QC case studies and formed 22 team from both City and Kengeri Campus.

The 22 teams would be given live real-life problems and would be asked to work on it and develop implementable solutions with the guidance of the stalwarts who inaugurated the QC circle. The teams would compete with each other and be rated on their performance based on their approach to the problem and solution. He wished all the teams a very good luck.

Thus LOS students had aninspiring and enthusiastic start of the QCcircle and are looking ahead for the challenging tasks of tackling real life quality problems. They are also looking forward to learn from experiences got from implementing quality in live problems that would be given to them and the knowledge and wisdom that would be shared with them by experienced faculty who would be helping them in this exercise.

Vote of thanks was given byQC coordinator Prof.Arcot Purna Prasad who encouraged and wished the students good luck for the challenges that we would face in tackling real life problems.

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