Sunday, 14 July 2013

Department of Electronics organised an Exhibition of Electronic Gadget and Computer Hardware.

A Report on
an Exhibition of Electronic Gadget and
Computer Hardware.

Electronics Club had organized the event, “i2R” an Exhibition of Electronic Gadgets and Computer Hardware on Friday, 5 July 2013 by V SEM BSc PME and CME students of the university. It was arranged at ground floor, Block 2 between 12 and 2 pm, with 19 teams participating in the exhibition.

The PME students exhibited mainly the consumer electronics related gadgets like, Television, Mobile phone, Dish antenna, Set top box, Radio, Video game unit, Calculators, Telephone etc.
The CME students explained the working principle employed in various computer hardware parts including mother board, Hard disc, RAM, Memory devices, LCD monitor and Mouse to the visitors.

All the teams used actual gadgets supported by the charts and power point presentations. The students from I and III semester classes (PME and CME) went through all the exhibited models and interacted with their senior friends and got their doubts cleared about various electronic gadgets and their principles. A few teachers from other departments also visited the exhibition and encouraged the students by interacting with them.

This exhibition was arranged as a part of Electronics Club activities and the faculty members of department of Electronics provided guidance to the students for the successful execution of the program.

Electronics Club extends sincere thanks to the management for giving the permission to arrange this program and supporting club activities.

Mukund N Naragund

Teacher I/C


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