Friday, 7 March 2014

Computer Hacking Public Lecture : The changing face of malicious hacking: closing the crackers window of opportunity

Department of Computer Science and Engineering & Department of Information Technology, CUFE

As a part of the South Asia Hacking Tour - Delhi      Hack 2014, a team from Sheffield Hallam University headed by Mr. Neil Richardson delivered a technical talk on ethical hacking on 5th March 2014 at Christ University   Faculty of Engineering, Kengeri. The event comprised of three elements- a talk, a workshop and launch of competition.

The speaker Neil Richardson is a senior lecturer in the faculty of Arts, Computing, Engineering and Sciences at Sheffield Hallam University. He has a specialist interest in ethical hacking and mobile security as well as web-app security, firewalls and Linux System Security. He was accompanied by Mr. Stephen Lofthouse who is a senior lecturer within the Faculty of ACES at Sheffield Hallam University and works within the field of business computing. He teaches web programming, business process modelling and enterprise computing (specifically SAP technologies.). The team also included Ms. Anita Sandham, international marketing manager for India and Ms. Sudha Toppo, Regional Coordinator at South Asia Office, Sheffield Hallam University.

The talk saw participation of over 120 students and faculty members from Department of Computer Science and Engineering & Department of Information Technology. Following the talk, a hands-on workshop was conducted by Mr. Neil Richardson and Mr. Stephen Lofthouse, which was attended by 20 students from the pre-final and final year B.Tech. The workshop was mainly focused on how to use different tools to help in network scanning and identification of vulnerabilities across systems in the network. It was well appreciated by the students and faculty members alike.

A competition ‘Capture the Hacker - a forensic investigation into malicious attacks’ was launched at the end. The winner would get a full fee scholarship for M.Sc Information Security
Systems to study at Sheffield Hallam University – September 2014 intake.


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