Monday 3 March 2014

Department of Tourism Studies - National Seminar, 18th and 19th February 2014

Department of tourism studies, Christ University organised National Seminar on “Tourism Hospitality and Management- An interdisciplinary approach towards advanced research” on 18th and 19th February 2014 in association with Major Research Project, Center for Research.

The national seminar was organized with the aim to widen the understanding on research, and to address the challenges facing tourism, hospitality and management, while strengthening the research capacity of the scholars.
In response to our call of papers, we received more than 40 abstracts out of which 28 abstracts were selected. A record 28 papers were presented, 4 papers were presented in the technical sessions, two concurrent sessions each with 12 papers ran parallel to each other over a duration of two and half hours. 

The seminar also organized 3 plenary sessions spread over the two days and one panel discussion. Majority of the participants were young researchers, research scholars, academicians, from various colleges and institutions in India.

The seminar was inaugurated with Dr. Tomy K Kallarkal, Head, Department of Tourism Studies welcoming the delegates to Christ University and the theme of the seminar was introduced by Dr. Joby Thomas, Coordinator, Department of Tourism Studies.

Dr. Joby Thomas highlighted the importance of research in tourism, hospitality and management which helps to enrich theory building and also provides guidance to policy makers.

The seminar was inaugurated by Mr. B C Kiran, Regional Manager, Eco Login. In his inaugural address, Mr. B C Kiran addressed the audience on “Alternative working models in sustainable tourism” and provided an insight into new dimensions in conservation, new dimensions in local participation and also in eco login’s efforts towards eco tourism. 

Ms. Neha Srinivasan, Student coordinator National Seminar 2014 proposed the vote of thanks in the inaugural session.

The seminar commenced with plenary session 1on the topic “From Sustainable to Socially Just Tourism” by Ms. Swathi Seshadri from Equations. The presenter pointed out “Sustainable Development in Tourism in different dimensions like Economy, Environment, Politics, Social and Cultural domain. It also includes democratic equitable and social justice of Tourism. Speaker also throws light on how Homestay's can be a burden for women.”

The plenary session was followed by Technical session 1 and the session was chaired by Mr.V.Jayakumar, Academic Co-ordinator, Department of Hotel Management, Christ University and Dr.Suja John , Assistant Professor &M.Phil Co-ordinator, Department Of Tourism   Studies, Christ University.

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