Thursday 4 September 2014

Report on Workshop on Clinical Psychological Assessment (WISC-IV) - Department of Psychology

A workshop on Clinical Psychological Assessment (WISC-IV) was conducted on 1st August in collaboration with Pearson Education India for students of M.Sc. Psychology (Clinical) in the Department of Psychology at Christ University.It aimed at exploring new areas of knowledge and creating optimal levels of training in the realm of psychological testing. The objectives of the workshop were to share aspects of WISC-IV in terms of its psycho-diagnostic administration, interpretation, scoring and demonstration. Pearson education is actively involved in the adaptation and standardisation of international tests in the Indian context.

The session began by the introduction of WISC-IV by Dr. Tony Sam George and introduction of the facilitator of the workshop, Dr. Michelle by Dr. K. Jayasankar  Reddy. 

Dr. Michelle Joseph, Ph.D. from Queen’s College, practicing as a special educator and a child clinical psychologist at NIMHANS, delivered the session in an extremely comprehensive manner. The workshop commenced with the imparting of theoretical knowledge about the test, interspersed with question-answer sessions. An extensive introduction of the history and relevance of the test was followed by the description of the sub tests and the administration guidelines. The scoring guidelines and the interpretation (up to FISQ) were also explained. Moreover, the development and the current status and usage of the test were also highlighted.

The demonstration of the test was done post lunch during which different student volunteers acted as participants of various age groups ranging from 6-16 years. The student volunteers got an opportunity to act as administrators as well. A response form was given to all the students in order to understand the scoring of the test properly. The intricacies of the common errors that an administrator may commit and the means to avoid those errors were also discussed in detail as and when required. The workshop hence proved to be a great experience for the students and aided the amalgamation of the theoretical knowledge with the practical applications of the test as well.

Dr. K. Jayasankar Reddy

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