Tuesday 14 October 2014

A Report on Guest Lecture by Mr. Nakkeeran Singaravelu on 1 August 2014

Dr.S.Shankar gave a brief introduction about the chief guest. Mr. Nakkeeran Singaravelu, the chief guest gave a informative and a vibrant lecture about the present scenario of power sector and the initiatives taken up by the Government of India. 
He gave a innumerable statistical data about the present and future need of power in India. He also explained the hazards of present power plants and also gave some solutions how effectively we could reduce the hazard. He also explained about the modern boilers that are used in the power plants. 
He also threw some light on the non-conventional energy resources like solar power, hydroelectric power and wind power. He concluded the session by saying “ Power saved today is power generated tomorrow”. 
Prof. Reghu.V.R gave away the vote of thanks and concluded the session.

Mr. Nakkeeran Singaravelu addressing the faculty and student members of 
Department of Mechanical Engineering.

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