Wednesday 1 October 2014

A Report on Orientation - MA English with Communication Studies

On the 17th June, 2014, the MA English with Communicative Studies’ first years were gathered together for a day of fun and fellowship.  

Mr Felix Joseph, the Resource person used various activities to help the class get to know each other and develop various skills and learn various lessons that would help them through the course.

Mr Felix used various activities to emphasize the importance of Patience, Confidence, Composure, Team Spirit and such virtues. 

The importance of; following instructions, working with others, following a leader and tuning in to duties were discussed. 

Activities included physical activity and a focused mind, thus helping the students move towards the attitude they needed to survive the challenges of the course. Mr Felix encouraged the students to reflect on the different goals and expectations every student had for themselves. 

The orientation was a good foundation for the students as they move forward to work with the curriculum.

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