Thursday, 26 February 2015

Report on Annual Project Exhibition by Final Year Students organised by The Electronics Club

The Electronics Club had organized its Annual Project Exhibition on Friday, 20 Feb 2015. The students of VI SEM BSc PME and CME participated with their working projects. It was arranged in the Electronics Lab, I Floor, Block I between 12 and 2 pm, with 27 teams participating in the exhibition.

As a part of their lab work for ELE 652, students completed the projects under the guidance of faculty members of the department. They demonstrated the working of their projects using charts and models to the visitors.

The exhibition covered various Electronic Projects like War field spy robot, Home automation using Bluetooth, Aurdino based Door lock system, Human detection Robot, Wireless message Display system, Temperature monitoring system, RFID based attendance, Density based traffic control system, Automatic street light controller, Smart energy meter, Digital Clock, Gesture Translator, Bidirectional visitor counter and Smart stick for visually disabled persons etc to name a few.

The students of Electronics from all the junior classes visited the exhibition and interacted with the senior students. Some of the visitors were from other classes and also from other streams.

This exhibition was arranged as a part of Electronics Club activities and the faculty members of department of Electronics provided guidance to the students for the successful execution of the program. All the students, the participating teams as well as the students visiting the exhibition enjoyed the event.



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