Thursday 26 February 2015

Report on REVELATIONS’15 - Intra-Departmental Fest organised by Department of Computer Science

“The only thing that remains constant is change”. Yes, this has become our attitude, and will remain our legacy to pass down. There has been more development in the past hundred years than the entire span of time since human-origin. Moore’s Law still holds strong. We are in an age where our passion and abilities are our hammer and sickle. Competition is round every nook and corner; name any domain. To keep up to this scurry change we need to regularly equip ourselves in our areas of interest and domains of development.

The Department of Computer Science gave students this chance to upgrade ourselves. We had Revelations 2015, our intra-departmental fest this February. An annual fest which lasted for about half a month. Three teams were made of the entire lot of students, who went all out to show their expertise and abilities to change.  Yes, Transmute was the theme for this year and each team was represented by the three robots Asimo, Kirobo and Aibo, depicting how change is intruding into our lives and how society at large is accepting it.
The fest provided a platform for young talent to bloom. Many found their hidden gifts and others faced and overcame their fears. While events like Coding, Gaming, Dance, Singing, Football, Throwball, Treasure hunt, Chess, JAM and Debate had prelims on January. Coding showed us where we stood in the IT world, others had another tale to tell. Quiz was interesting having teams biting their nails to prompt an answer within seconds. It was amazing to witness the children in us, who gave headshots in every two steps; Gaming.  The likes of Dance and Singing revealed the rich heritage we still carry along with us. Events like Football, Throwball tested our physical skills, and Treasure hunt and Chess our mental skills. JAM(Just A Minute), Best Manager, Product Launch, Team Management, all called for quick wit and a stable stand. The events touched on every aspect, be it mental, physical or emotional.

The final day of Revelations 2015 on 5th February, was inaugurated by Mr. Edvin Varghese who is the founder and CEO of Appface Technologies Pvt Ltd. He gave us an insight into the change around us and some tips to cope up with it. This day had in store all the finals of events. The events consisted of Quiz, Best Manager, Product Launch, Photography, Team Management and Short Movie. It was a tussle! All three teams put in their best to become the overall champions.
The closing ceremony of Revelations 2015 saw our chief guest Dr. Vagishwari Head of the Department of History impart some words of wisdom to us. Points wise Team Asimo turned out to be the overall winners. But we all were winners in our own way. Revelation 2015, truly stood up to its theme of Invent.Discover.Reveal.
We all changed! Being a part of the fest was truly a remarkable experience, one to be cherished and never forgotten.

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