Wednesday 23 July 2014


Christ University Language Association (CULA) has formed Bhasha Parishath, a forum to understand and propagate the salient features of Indian cultural heritage among the students and faculty. Though the department has been organizing institutional programmes like Bhasha Utsav, Sham-e-Ghazal and Multi-lingual Poets’ meet every year, student involvement in those programmes was limited. These programmes were by and large department initiatives and didn’t offer much scope for the creativity and imagination of all the  students. Bhasha Parishath intends to address this issue to achieve the major purpose of offering proper cultural orientation to the students across the university. Around 60 students have volunteered to work for Bhasha Parishath through the year.

Bhasha Parishath (BP) focuses on indigenous cultures of students irrespective of the region / country they come from. Each culture has its own paradigm with its legends, myths, beliefs and faiths. They are expressed through music and dance. BP will go much beyond these to trace the raison d’ĂȘtre of each phenomenon.

One of the major activities of Bhasha Parishath will be the publication of ‘Bhasha News’ which will play a major role in achieving the goal of creating a ‘healthy cultural consciousness’ among the staff and students of Christ University. 

The Parishath was inaugurated on Friday, 18 July 2014 at 12.30 noon. In his welcome address Prof. P. Krishnaswami reiterated the importance of culture education without which the learning will be incomplete. He also outlined the activities of the Parishath focusing on the uniqueness of each culture, Indian and foreign and the need to understand them in this globalized world. Fr Vice Chancellor in his inaugural address lamented the shrinking space for the languages in the curriculum of higher education and explained the efforts made by Christ University to compensate for the loss. Pointing out the coming together of many great traditions from India and abroad in the Christ University campus, he appealed to the students to make use of the opportunity to interact with members from diverse cultures both formally and informally.

Folk performance by Madhukumar and party from Ramanagaram followed the inauguration with due introduction to the art forms Thammatte, Puja Kunitha, Pata Kunitha and Somana Kunitha.

Dr Y S Shivaprasad from Kannada department proposed voted of thanks

Prof P. Krishnaswami
HOD-Languages  21-07-2014

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