Monday 3 September 2018

Report On Maps (Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary) India Video Conference Organized By department Of Life Sciences On August 31, 2018

        MAPS (Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary) is an effort initiated by award-winning Canadian musician, yogi, activist and author, Parvati, through her NGO to  protect the Arctic region from commercialization and pollution. In this regard, MAPS  Ambassadors  Uttama Anderson , Karen Ho and Mathew Edassery ( based in Canada) had  preliminary talks with Dr Suma S (Dept of Life Sciences) and Prof. Phinu Jose (CSA) to initiate efforts in Christ (Deemed to be University) for protecting Arctic region. 

 The first official video conference of MAPS officials with faculty and student lead volunteers of Christ was conducted on August 31 2018, Fridayfrom 8 AM IST, in the Council room, Central block, Main Campus of Christ.Christ University is the first educational institution in India to have such a collaboration with Mathew and Karen Ho,the MAPS ambassadors were the resource persons for the Skype Conference. They gave a presentation on the situation in Arctic region and also gave guidelines for developing a collaborative strategy. This constituted a good opportunity for familiarizing the members with the purpose of the organisation and the need for immediate action. The students had a lot of queries to the MAPS ambassadors. The session was a collaborative venture by the Dept of Life Sciences and Centre for Social Action, Christ (Deemed to be University) and MAPS.

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