Friday 16 December 2011

USHUS 2011 – A Report

USHUS 2011 – A Report

The year 2011 marked the successful completion of 14 years of the management fest, Ushus. The theme of Ushus was Inicio, meaning, the beginning. The event gained momentum with the formation of student and faculty teams. The initial tasks of identifying the theme and designing of the brochure for sponsorships started in the month of September 2011. At the same time, teams and committees were formed from the senior group of students. The sponsorship team also started its work of sourcing funds during this period. The student core team worked on budget estimates and other details.

Invitations in e-copy format were dispatched to b-schools across the country by mid of October. It was also followed up by sending the hardcopies.  Sponsorships came in the form of some cash and vouchers for some of the events. 

Ushus 2011 also marked the launch of the Ushus logo. The logo was sourced through an in-house competition.  With respect to individual events, there were seven events carried forward from last year and two were introduced in 2011. The functional events of Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Information Technology, Operations, Social Responsibility and Business Quiz had better rounds both for the inter and intra events. A new event launched this year was an integrating round that pulled participants from across the events. There were several dramatic events staged as a part of the round to make it more interesting. Another event that made this year’s Ushus quite interesting was the Simulation event. Participants had to take decisions on entering different markets for a set of products. They were all guided by a set of data which formed the framework of the event.  The entire event was a computer simulation played over a period of two days, which was divided into eight quarters.

All the efforts culminated on November 25th and 26th with the start of the event. The inauguration was initiated by the faculty in-charge of the event. The chief guest was Mr. Lakshmipathy Bhat, VP of DRAFT-FCB Ulka. He shared simple truths for a successful career. His talk was highlighted with many anecdotes from his life. Following the inauguration all the events started their preliminary rounds. On the second day many events closed by lunch except the Best Manager, Business Quiz and the Finance Rounds. The quiz and the best manager final rounds were exciting and grabbed the attention of the audience. The second day also saw the closure of the fest with prize announcements. The overall champion of the intra rounds was grabbed by section A while the inter-event winners were XIME, Bangalore.

Looking forward, there is ample scope of improvement in the quality of rounds, scheduling and strategizing the schedule of all activities. The team has considered the feedback provided by participants, volunteers, student-heads, faculty and the director. The Ushus team is hopeful that the learning from 2011 would make Ushus 2012 to scale newer heights.

Prof. Bharathi S. Gopal
CUIM, Bangalore

Photographs of Ushus 2011



Wednesday 14 December 2011



The School of Law, Christ University (SLCU) had organized a Human Rights Day Celebrations on 10th December, 2011.

The Universal Declaration Human Rights was adopted by the United Nations on 10th December 1948 and since then this day is remembered as Universal Human Rights Day. SLCU also wanted to join the global celebrations by pledging to respect and honour Human Rights in daily life. 

More than 600 students and the faculty members of SLCU gathered at the entrance stairways of the Central Block of the University at 10.00 for the solemn occasion of the pledge taking. Rev. Fr. Vice Chancellor, Dr (Fr) Thomas C Mathew, Rev. Fr. Pro-Vice Chancellor, Dr (Fr) Abraham Vettiyankal, Rev. Fr. KJ Varghese, the Chief Finance Officer, Prof. Subramanian, the Registrar, Prof. (Dr) CS Somu, the HOD of the School of Law and many other senior functionaries of the University were present for the function. 

Prof. George Jose, Faculty Coordinator of Human Rights and Social Justice of SLCU led the gathering in solemnly pledging to honor human rights. The pledge was an adaptation of the preamble of the Universal Human Rights Declaration. After the recitation of the preamble, the solemn gathering holding their right hand over their heart repeated after Prof. Jose that  “We, as Christites solemnly promise to make a conscious effort to understand, promote and honour values of universal human rights. On this day of International Human Rights Day we promise not to stay indifferent to incidents of violation of human rights anywhere. We promise to stand up for all our fellow human beings to protect them from being exploited and also pledge to assist and support everyone whose human rights are violated. We Christites make this pledge to honour human rights on this 10th day of December, 2011 at Christ University, Bangalore.”

As a reaffirmation of the pledge, the gathering sang the Hindi version of the hymn, “we shall overcome”. The hymn sang by the gathering of more than 600 students and faculty members resounded through the entire Central Block and the University Campus.

After the pledge taking ceremony, the celebrations continued in the Main Auditorium from 10-45. Before we started the meeting, we had a documentary on mining in Bellary, Karnataka, Dr (Fr.) MK George SJ, Director of Indian Social Institute, Bangalore was the guest of honor and he delivered the HR Day address. Dr. George presented a socio-political analysis of the life of the tribal population in India. There was a question-answer session after the address where in the students raised many serious questions.

As a fitting finale for the celebrations, the theatre group of SLCU presented a short skit of 20 minutes on women/girl child rights. Athira Shankar of the 3rd year presented the inaugural dance. The whole programme was organized and coordinated by the student members of Human Rights and Social Justice Group of SLCU. 

George K Jose, Faculty Coordinator, HRSJ.

Magnificat (Part 2)

Magnificat (Part 1)


Annual Sports Day - 2011

Wednesday 7 December 2011

------- 'Whee’ll Meet' the cycling extravaganza -------

Christ University Institute of Management Organised
'Whee’ll Meet' - the cycling extravaganza
on 4th Dec, 2011
We have often heard of organizations professing about the ‘go green campaign’ today we have a bunch of management students of the marketing stream practicing this in order to support the cause of promoting cycling as an eco-friendly means for commuting.

The Marketing Club students at Christ University Institute of Management have been known to come up with exciting events in the past and ‘Whee’ll Meet’ the cycling extravaganza, is the latest addition to the list. It is an event where corporate and alumni come and share their thoughts and experiences.

The event was flaged off by Fr.T.V.Thomas, Director, Christ University Institute of Management at 8 am on 4th Dec, 2011 from the main campus. There were more than 20 cyclists, accompanied by the chief guest of the event, Mr. Dwarkanand C., Marketing Manager Mathworks, who is an avid cyclist. Also present were Prof.Kshetragna, Prof.Rahul and Mr.Angad Singh, alumni 2009 – 20011 batch.
 The students cycled their way up to our Kengeri campus. At the Kengeri campus there was a corporate interface where Mr.Dwarakanand shared his thoughts and experiences with the students about business strategies and his cycling expedition experiences..

The meet was enriching and the marketing students were unanimous in deciding to have such an event on a regular basis.

Wednesday 23 November 2011

----- Talk by Prof.Brian Wolf: November 16, 2011 -----

REPORT: Talk by Prof.Brian Wolf

Date: 16th Nov 2011
Topic: Modernity and Rationalization in India

Mc Donaldization, a phenomenon that is spreading like wildfire across the globe today, was the Main Topic of Thought and Deliberation in Prof Brian Wolf’s Guest Lecture on the 16th November 2011. Guest Faculty, Mr Brian Wolf, a Professor of Sociology at the Idaho University, USA, was amongst the students of classes 1st PSEco, PSEng, EPS, MA  Sociology, and a team of USAC members, to conduct a presentation on a topic of great  relevance in today’s day and age.
The presentation brought to light the various types of Human Actions, according to Max Webber, which hold true in our daily dealings. Categorized into instrumental, value, emotional and traditional, it simplified and brought out the significance of our actions and reactions.

The main area of focus, however, was Mc Donaldization a concept by George Ritzer. With predictability, efficiency, calculability and control being the main driving force of this phenomenon, Mc Donaldization has not only made life simpler but has also changed our approach to life and its expectations.

The integration of this concept with traditions and cultures of a country like India, also made us realise, if we still hold on to our conventional ways of life, while trying to keep pace with the rest of the world or get influenced by westernization and forget our long and glorious history. 
The presentation concluded with an interactive session, wherein student put out their points of views and opinions on the topic of Mc Donaldization, which was well received by Prof Brian. 

On the whole the entire guest lecture was very informative and thought provoking and made each one of us question, if ‘modernity and rationalization on the same plane in India’.

By Radhika Mitra
1st PSEco

Friday 18 November 2011

IPOMO-ACE 2011 Aptitude Test Result

IPOMO- ACE and Faculty of Engineering, Christ University organized a Blackberry based Online Aptitude test on 12 November, 2011. The test was conducted in 4 batches
of about 100 students each. About 400 students of B.Tech and M.Tech have
participated in this event. Following are the short listed students selected for
representing our institution in all college Finale which is going to be
conducted on 27 Nov, 2011.

Purnesh Dixit
Shivanshu Srivastav
Aloysious Jose
Jickson Antony
Ajay baby
Aditya Damodaran
Amala Varkey
Anmol Singh
Goutham Reddy
Shando Shanty
Soorya Peter
Sonakshi Arora
Nithin Mathew
Arnab Sinha Biswas

      Co-ordinator, CUFE, Christ University


Tuesday 11 October 2011

----------------- RED BULL RACING CAN -----------------

'Red Bull Racing Can' event was held at Delhi on the 1st of October. Christ University Team  consisting of  Binoy John and Rahul Sharan emerged the winners in Bangalore among 90 other teams from Reputed Engineering Institutions such as MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology, P.E.S. Institute of Technology, Dayanand Sagar etc.
From there they moved to the national finals held at Delhi where they competed against 6 other teams from the rest of India including, Symbiosis Institute of Design, IIT - Delhi and SRM Institute of Technology Chennai. They won the National Finals and will now represent India and Christ University at the World Finals of the 'Red bull Racing Can' to be held at Milton Keynes , United Kingdom. 

They are featured in the following publications:

Click the links below ......
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1. The Wall Street Journal - Page 8
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2. The New Indian Express
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Also been covered in other publications such as Deccan Herald and Autocar India.

Friday 7 October 2011

Dept. of Commerce Organised PRAYAS

National Level Commerce Fest PRAYAS 2011
on 21st and 22nd September

PRAYAS: A National Level Commerce fest hosted by the widely acknowledged Commerce Association of Christ University - The CUCA , has over the years provided a vibrant platformfor showcasing one's mental prowess, ability to think in and out of the box , as well as ‘holdone's own' amidst innumerable challenges.

Prayas symbolizes what the Christ UniversityCommerce Association stands for - 'Reaching for the Stars'. ‘Prayas’ strives to simulate the bearings of a business environment thereby bridging theprominent gap between the theories of academics and the practicalities of the corporate world. 

Tuesday 4 October 2011

Dept. of Economics - Organised National Seminar

Summary of the Proceedings of the
National Seminar on
Transformation, Transition or Stagnation?: Understanding Change in the Indian Economy 
organised by the Department of Economics, Christ University 
on the 16th& 17th September, 2011

The Department of Economics, Christ University had an opportunity to bring together academicians from various parts of the country to participate in a two day national seminar focussing on the theme ‘Transformation, Transition or Stagnation: Understanding Change in Indian Economy’. Over the two days of the seminar, 20 papers were presented under various plenary sessions.

The seminar began with an inaugural program. The attendees of the program were enriched by the keynote address and valuable insights of Dr. S. Subramanian, Professor at the Madras Institute of Development Research, Chennai, following which a panel discussion was held on the same theme of the seminar with three eminent panellists, Dr.ElumalaiKannan, Dr.Usha Devi, Dr. Etienne Rassendren, initiating a diverse discussion in the presence of the chairperson Prof .P.M. Mathew from the Economics Dept. of Christ University, who moderated the discussion. 

Inaugural Program

The first technical session, chaired by Dr. S. Subramanian saw the presentation of 6 papers categorised under the theme—Labour and Employment, and the Social Sector.  The first paper to be presented was by Binu .P. Paul, titled ‘Performance and perception of students in professional education: Tracing the missing thread in education discussion. This paper highlighted the presence of skewness in the male-female ratio of CET  ranks as well as admitted ranks to top engineering colleges in Kerala across different social categories such as SC/ST, OBC and General Category. An interesting paper was presented by international participants from SriLanka, Prof. SamathiSeraratha, Prof. SanjeeviniLooray and Prof. NirupikaLiyanapathirana. They looked into how it would be possible to bridge the gap between academic and professional accounting education systems as well as other issues related to the topic ‘Model for a graduate accounting profession for Sri Lanka’.

The third paper presenter was Siddhartha Chatterjee on ‘Can Co-operative provide an alternative economic model?’ addressed the question put forth in the title. ‘The relevance of Marxism vis-à-vis Cooperative Movement in India’ was a paper presented by Dr.Rajiv Bode and Dr.SubrataMukerjee with focus on how Marxism and co-operative movement share a similar goal, that of betterment of the working class. Impact of Globalization on Labour and Employment in India was presented by Indira P.M. and Prem Kumar. The paper focussed on the concept of jobless growth which is evident by the fact that GDP growth has not been accompanied by growth in employment. ‘Impact of Sanitary Phytosanitary Agreement with reference to India’ was the subject chosen by Sajitha M, which was the last paper presented in this session. 

The second session was themed around the broad ideas of Macro–Economic policies, liberalization and trade, financial sector reforms. The first paper to be presented was “An assessment of trends in Indian Export with data taken from 2000 to 2010. The paper was presented by Anajana Mani and VijayaPriya S. “The effect of Indian liberalisation policy on the Engineering Industry” was looked into in the next paper by Flowarin A.D.

This was followed by a theoretical paper routed in a perspective of Indian Political economy with a focus on “Constitutionalism v/s globalisation: A trajectory of state controlled economy in India”.  Another elaborate paper presentation followed which looked into the “FDI in India-Various aspects and trends” by Dr. B.T Ramappa. The last paper in this session was presented by Devidas S. Prabhu, who looked into ‘The efficiency of productive human resource transformation in India’s Economic development. Here he focussed on the need to transform unproductive labour into productive labour in our country. 

The theme of the third session was Agriculture and Rural development, Industry and Rural Sector.  “A multidisciplinary study on Micro Finance institutions in India and its legal aspects” was presented to the appreciation of many by Manisha Raj. A study in Dharwad district regarding “The aspect of climate change and food grain production” was given by Dr. M.N Meernaik and Dr. G.P Pantankar. An interesting presentation followed by Dr.RadhakrishnaShetty on “The role of non-farm activities forwarded through the use of self-help groups in rural development”. Another interesting study in the Uttara Kannada district was brought out which employed a geographic approach to understand the scope of increasing crop produce in order to improve the rural economy. 

An interesting last session was on ‘Governance and Deprivation’. The paper presentation started off with a study on sex ratio in our country titled ‘Economic Progress and Social Backlash : Analysing the trends in sex ratio’. The paradox of economic prosperity and social backwardness was explored in this paper. “The impact of corruption on transition economy” .i.e. an  economy that is changing from centrally planned to a free market economy, was studied by Rangaswamy D, Vijay S.J and Anitha K.N.  Postgraduate students of Mount Carmel College, Bangalore Arya and RohiChoudhary presented a paper on the popular ICDS scheme with data taken from 2001 to 2010.

With great conviction it can be said that, not only did the presentation of these papers bring about an exchange of knowledge and ideas but it was also largely successful in bringing about a constructive dialogue between the economists present.


Dept. of Psycology Organised - VAARIYA

Vaariya The Excellent One - The Hunt for The Best HR Manager   
held on 28-09-2011

The M.Sc. Psychology HRDM, at Christ University aims at training students in the application of psychological knowledge in organizations/ industries. The course is interdisciplinary in nature and it aims at achieving professional expertise in the management of human and social aspects of work organizations. The program attempts to equip students with a wide range of competences and skills and also provide training in various personnel functions.

Vaariya - the hunt for the best HR Manager was a venture by the students of M.Sc. HRDM that aimed at providing an opportunity to exhibit a plethora of competencies needed to be an avante garde HR manager.. During the event, the participants underwent  rigorous process of selection and elimination. Only those with the nervous of steel emerged as triumphant.


There were a series of events held catering to groups as well as individual participants. The event had participation from Sri Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain College, Crescent Business School, Chennai, Justice K.S. Hegde Institute of Management, Mangalore, Institute of Finance and International Management, Madras School of Social Work and Christ University - Department of Psychology, Management and Social Work. Various group events such as SWOT cats, Analyze this, Mixed pickle and Poster it were held to evaluate group efforts and dynamics. The Best HR manager event itself had  a series of sub events to critically judge and analyze the hunt for the best. Quiz, Psychological Assessment, Debate, Turn Coat, Quick Fix, Shipwreck and People Management were the sub events. 

Tuesday 20 September 2011

Media Meet 2011

Two day National Seminar - Media Meet 2011 which was held on the 2nd and 3rd of September, began with an inauguralceremony at 9 30 AM, held in the auditorium. The ceremony began with the lighting of the lamp for which the dignitaries, Fr. Vice Chancellor, Mr. Krishnaswamy and the Chief Guest, Mr. Harish Bijoor,
Mr Harish Bijoor touched on the basics of advertising and explored the present, past as well its future with special refer- ence to the representation of men in Indian media over the years.
The different events that were held during the meet were Ad-Centric (paper presentation), Adzap (Ice breaker), Ad making (viral video competition), iQ (Quiz), Pitch it Right, workshops based on ad photography, social media marketing, print ads, audio visuals, etc.
The key event for media meet was the panel discussion held on 3rd September which was moderated by Prof Anil Pinto. The panelists for the evening were Ms.SnehaIype, Ms.Valerie Pinto, Mr.VikramSood, Mr. VimalParathsarathy and Mr.VipulThakkar.
The Battle of Creativity truly brought out the talents and skills of the participants and got together students from various parts of the country in a sprit of harmony and togetherness.

Media Conclave:
The seventh Media Conclave was held at the Ohio conference hall at 10 a.m. on September 10, 2011. Research papers were presented by the Traditional Media team under the guidance of Prof. Naresh Rao and in the presence of the guest of honor Mr. Chandan Nandy- Chief News Editor, The Deccan Herald, Bangalore, and other faculties of the Media Studies department of Christ University.
Students presented paper on topics like: Community radio- A key to rural development, The perception of colors in newspapers and Are ads on television more effective than ads in print?

Following the presentation, the guest lecture was delivered by Mr. Chandan Nandy who spoke about the changes in journalism over the years. He stressed on the point that newspapers should be open to all kinds of ideas, story ideas, and subject matter and so on, hence stressing that the news from rural regions should also be given importance. He also stressed that journalism cannot be taught in a class and so, students should be asked to do extensive field work.
 Following the speech, Mr. Nandy along with Prof. Naresh Rao released special copies of the University news letter ‘Commix’ by the students of First M.S. Communication.

On 9th September 2011, Transtalkies held the film screening of the Documentary film “Partners in crime” directed by Ms Paromita Vohra. Ms Paromita Vohra herself was present to present her film. Paromita Vohra is a documentary filmmaker and writer based in Mumbai whose films explore issues of politics, feminism, culture and desire.
Partners in Crime explores the grey horizons of copyright and culture in times when technology is changing the contours of the market. The film also  takes you through a story about art, crime, love and money which is running the piracy market be it a pirated DVD openly available of the pre released film or “inspiration” from old songs which is blended with modern orchestra and becomes a super hit.
The film was well made and it presented a serious topic with a little humor without diluting the importance of the issue, which was Piracy and ownership intellectual rights. 

Ethereal Symphony

The Christ University Choir (CUC) is a harmonious blend of musical passion and artistic expression, representing various talents from variou...