Thursday 23 March 2023

Celebration of International Day of Happiness 2023

The international day of Happiness was celebrated by the department of Physics and Electronics on 20 March 2023. The department had organized an Essay writing Event for the students. The theme was, “How to be happy and make others happy without the use of

technology and digital devices”. The main objective of the event was to create an awareness among students that one can be happy even without smartphones or technology. The theme made them to think beyond their smart devices and social media, apps and websites.

A total of about 100 students participated in the event. The major things wrote in all the essays were, about spending time with family and friends in reality and not through video conferencing, going out with the family members, classmates to enjoy the nature, playing sports in the field not on phone screens, involving in some activities they like to do, continuing

their forgotten hobbies, etc. This activity made the students to think about enjoying in real world rather than being in virtual world.

Dr. Manoj B, Head, department of Physics and Electronics supported the activity and other faculty members also encouraged the students to participate in the event.

Dr. Mukund Naragund coordinated the event.

Tuesday 14 March 2023

Report on Science Day Talk

On 28 February 2023, Department of Physics and Electronics hosted a Science Day Talk as a part of the Science Day celebrations, that featured a talk titled “The search for nes laws of nature” by Dr. Raghavendra Rao, Associate Professor at the Department of Physics, PES University, Bengaluru. The event was attended by the students of MSc Physics program, as well as faculty members from the Department of Physics and Electronics. Dr. Rohan Fernandes, Faculty coordinator of the event briefed about the event and session. Ms. Trisha Prabhu of final year MSc introduced the speaker with a welcome note. Dr. Raghavendra Rao covered a wide range of topics in the fields of Physics during his talk, all the way from the Space all the way to Quantum Computation. He provided an overview of these topics and explained their significance in the field of Physics. The talk was engaging and informative, and the students were fully engrossed in the content. Dr. Rao used clear and concise language, making the complex concepts accessible to the students. He also provided several real-world examples to illustrate the principles of Physics and Quantum Computing, making it easier for the students to grasp the concepts. The session was followed by a question and answer session, during which the students asked several insightful questions related to the topics covered in the talk. Dr. Rao patiently answered all the questions, and his responses provided further clarity to the students. Overall, the Science Day talk was a great success, and the students and faculty members alike benefited greatly from Dr. Rao's talk. The event was an excellent opportunity for the students to learn more about the exciting and rapidly evolving field of Physics and Quantum Computing and to interact with an expert in the field. Dr. Manoj, Head, department of physics and Electronics and other faculty members were present during the session and interacted with the speaker.

The expert talk on Gender equity in the era of AI - A report 2023

The department of Physics and Electronics had organised a seminar by Dr. Madhavi Rangaswamy, Professor, Department of Psychology, CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Bangalore on 8 March, 2023 in the mini Auditorium, Bangalore Central campus to celebrate

International women’s day. The theme of the talk was “Gender equity in the era of AI”. The programme started with Dr Rupali Patel, Department of Physics and Electronics, welcoming and introducing the Speaker, Prof. Madhavi Rangaswamy.

In her talk, Prof. Madhavi highlighted the need to address gender gaps in access to technology with an urgent priority. She also emphasised on the urge to develop gender-responsive digital initiatives and policies. Gender stereotypes and cultural norms often hinder women’s and girls’ access to digital technologies and reduce their education and employment opportunities. There are multiple discrimination and education-related barriers that keep women from participating equally in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields.
The speaker asked everyone to stimulate women’s participation in STEM fields and design gender-sensitive e- services which are key to advancing gender equality in all sectors. She also stressed on adoption of effective legal policies and strategies with deep understanding of the gendered nature of socio-economic challenges, which is the need of the present. The talk was well appreciated by the UG, PG students and PhD scholars. The students and faculty members interacted with the resource person during the session. Dr. Manoj B, Head, department of Physics and Electronics, all the faculty members of the department were present during the session. Prof. Hamsa Hariharan presented a memento to Dr. Madhavi Rangaswamy as a token of gratitude. Ms. Akshatha Rao, PhD scholar, proposed the vote of thanks. The entire event was coordinated by Dr. Bubbly S G.


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