Monday 16 October 2023


“Excitino 2023”, an Electronics mini project exhibition was held on Friday, 6 October in the Pathway, Bangalore Central Campus. The exhibition was organised by the final year BSc. PME and CME students.

This is an annual activity as a part of the project-based learning process for the students. The objective of the event is to provide experiential learning opportunity for the students to feel confident about implementing the ideas that could solve some of the societal problems, into a prototype Electronics system and exhibit to the visitors across the university using the microcontroller development boards.

There were 90 individual projects based on Arduino board and various sensors exhibited by the students.

These working projects successfully created an overall awareness about the electronic devices, circuits, Arduino platform, sensors among the visitors. This exhibition also created interest to know more about electronic systems in the students. The students from various streams of the University and faculty members from various departments visited and enjoyed being a part of this exhibition. Dr. Benny Sebastian, Prof. Johnson O V, Dr. Vineeth Valsan, Dr. Rohan Fernandes, Dr. Ruplai Patel, Dr. Krishnakumar, Dr. Partha K and Mr. Karthikeyan (alumnus of the department) evaluated the projects and encouraged the students.

Dr. George Thomas, Dean, School of Science, Dr. Manoj B, Head of the department and all the faculty members of the department were present during the exhibition.

Dr. Mukund N Naragund coordinated the whole process for Excitino 2023.  The department sincerely thanks the management for providing all necessary support and permission to organise the exhibition.


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