Wednesday 8 January 2014


The Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Christ University Faculty of Engineering in collaboration with Ecosense Sustainable Solutions, organized a two days workshop on Renewable Energy Systems on 4thand 5th of January 2014 at Christ University, Kengeri Campus with an aim to focus on the role and design of renewable energy systems in the present global electricity sector.

The workshop commenced with an  introductory  speech by  Dr. Iven Jose, Associate Dean, CUFE, focusing on the present trend of energy supply using renewable energy systems.

The workshop was split into four sessions .After the preliminary session on renewable energy systems ,an in depth view was given on solar energy systems including the design aspects of a stand alone power plant. The workshop concluded with the demonstration of Ecosense PV Emulator and the various experiments and research opportunities which can be executed with the help of the emulator

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