Monday 9 March 2015

Report on Gratitude Day & Farewell Day, Christ University Faculty of Engineering

As we come close to the end of another wonderful academic year, before we share our goodbyes, it is time to thank to all those that made this year possible. Gratitude Day was celebrated on March 7th 2015, at Kengeri Campus. Words of gratitude are a celebration of recognition. Whether it is the students, teachers, housekeeping staff or the office workers, all were thanked and appreciated for their incredible contribution all throughout the year. It was a spectacular event as we witnessed the entire campus coming together to celebrate and positively reflect on the past year.

However, the day was not done. It was time to say our goodbyes yet again to another outgoing batch of students. The fresh outpouring of tears and exchange of embraces were inevitable as one of the most iconic events of the year, Au Revoir was held to bid adieu to the parting seniors.

The event started off with some truly inspiring and warm addresses by Fr. Benny, Director and Dr. Iven Jose, Associate Dean, CUFE. It quickly moved on to some enthralling dance performances by some of the favorite group as they paid tribute to the seniors. It was further rejuvenated with band performances, which set up everyone’s spirits with their music. As mementos and awards were given out, students reminisced about their years at the college.

One of the highlights of the day was the candle ceremony. As each of the seniors lit up a candle whose light is to signify knowledge. It was quite an enchanting view to see in the dark and one that seniors will never forget in the coming years. With that, we come to the end, as it was time for the seniors to part ways and embark on another journey. It was not end, rather a beginning.

Au Revoir seniors and all the best for your future ahead!

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