Friday 10 July 2015

Report on Inauguration of activities of Electronics Club on 7 July 2015

The Activities of the Electronics Club, an association of Electronics (BSc.) students of Christ University, for the Academic year 2015-16 were formally inaugurated on Tuesday, 7 July 2015 with an inaugural address by Prof. E S Dwarakadasa, Retd. Professor of Metallurgy, Indian institute of Science, currently CEO and MD of Karnataka Hybrid Microelectronic Devices (KHMD), Bengaluru. 

The inaugural function at Sky View, 10th floor, Central Block, started with an invocation song by Ms. Apeksha, Akanksha and Savita of V semester PME, followed by the welcome speech by Prof. Mukund N Naragund, Teacher Coordinator for the Electronics Club activities. 

A brief introduction to the Electronics Club and its activities was given by Prof. Benny Sebastian, Head of the Department of Electronics.

In his inaugural address, the Chief Guest Prof E S Dwarakadasa, gave an overview of a very relevant issue of electronic waste (E-waste). In his very informative presentation, he explained the hazardous effects of the E-waste in detail and he urged students to create awareness about this in the campus and in society.

He also suggested students to visit E-parisara, E-waste Management Company to get to know about how to convert the E-waste into wealth.

The faculty members Prof. Hamsa K S, Prof. Johnson O V from the department of Electronics and about 300 students from B.Sc. PME and CME classes attended the inaugural function. 

The inaugural function was anchored by Ms. Vasavi of V semester CME and on behalf of Electronics Club,   student representative Sai Sumanth of V semester PME, proposed vote of thanks.


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