Thursday 15 February 2018

Report on alumni guest lecture on “microtubules in cell migration” by life science association

On 5 January, 2018, a talk was organized by the Life Science Association for the postgraduate students of Life Sciences, on the topic “Microtubules in cell migration”. The talk was given by Ms. Shailaja Seetharaman of Pasteur Institute, Paris, formerly a student of Christ. With a brief introduction on Cell Migration and Cytoskeletal structures, the talk was directed towards the role of this very phenomenon in Cancer cells. Just like a cell cannot move without a stimulus, it cannot attach to the extracellular matrix without focal adhesions. Thus these focal adhesions were highlighted to play a major role in cell adhesion. The talk then went on revolve around tubulin-acetylation and its effect on focal adhesion turn-over and dynamics.Before the end of the talk, Ms. Seetharaman brought to our notice the various criteria to be checked while presenting research data in the form of figures. The students thoroughly benefitted from the interaction.

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