Wednesday 9 August 2023

DARPAN 2023, The Intra University Cultural Fest

Darpan 2023 was inaugurated on August 7, 2023, at the University football field. Vice Chancellor, Dr Fr Joseph CC, Pro Vice Chancellor, Dr Fr Viju P D, Chief Finance Officer, Dr Fr Varghese K J, Deans of different schools and HOD of all the departments were present for the event's inauguration. Around 5000 students across all the deaneries and departments were part of various cultural events for the inauguration.

As the program sequence unfolded with the NCC band, the sports team marched, the choir sang the inaugural hymn, and the vice chancellor opened the pedagogic league 2023 declaring Darpan. The program continued with the march off by the sports team, a performance by the Wind chamber orchestra, and an exceptional performance by the choir of 200 plus students. Natyaarpana, DOC and DPS students performed exemplary dance moves with classical, contemporary, and Bollywood movements.

The Wind Chamber Orchestra concluded the inauguration with a rendition of the National Anthem.

What is Darpan?

Darpan, the Intra University fest occurring every odd semester across the six campuses. An intra-cultural fest that spans across the board from which the best performers are chosen to form the cultural team representing the University at different inter-collegiate fests. Every individual is born with some inherent talent or ability. Darpan allows one to showcase their talents in every possible field.

The team officially curated at the end of Darpan will act as the face of the University and participates across different colleges and universities across India. The teams consist of students from various departments of the University, well-trained experts in their range of co-curricular activities. With a broad spectrum of talents ranging from artistic to oratory, the teams put forth a treat for their audience.

What are the guidelines??

1.       The set of events is only open to the students of Bengalore Central Campus.
2.      Registrations will begin on July 27th, 2023. Registration for all events will be done in Student Welfare Office, Block 1, First Floor.
3.      There is no registration fee for any events apart from Stage Group Events.
4.      The registrations for all group events close 5 days before the respective event.
5.      On-spot registrations are open for solo stage, art, and literary events.
6.      The stage events (dance) music must be submitted two days before the event.

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