Thursday 21 August 2014

A Report on National Seminar on Print Media - Media Meet 2014

A three days National seminar on Print Media and Paper Presentation was inaugurated on 21st August 2014, to provide a platform for the students and the faculties across the country to voice their opinion and to learn from the experts in the field. 

The Chief Guest, Dr. Srikanta Swamy, Additional Director of Centre for Research at Christ university graced the occasion with a message to assimilate the media more responsibly. He stated that we are living in a world where media is influencing every aspect of our lives; especially in 3 phases  the  media has the direct influence on the population. Firstly, media is disseminating the knowledge to the people; secondly media is focusing on 'how' the things happen and finally media has the social responsibility of linking the common man with political, social and educational system. 
Athough media faces lot criticisms, it continues to play a vital role in disseminating information. He suggested that the benefit of the seminar should be throwing more light on the issues rather than more heat and less insight.

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