Tuesday 16 December 2014

A Report on National Seminar on “Narrating Centers and Peripheries: Minority Discourses in India”

Department of English
National Seminar on “Narrating Centers and Peripheries: Minority Discourses in India”
Guest Lecture and Edakka Performance
on 12th December 2014

A guest lecture and performance was organized on 12 December 2014to enable final year students to understand, appreciate and read a traditional art form. Eminent Edakka performer, Sri.Anil Kumar Gopalakrishnan Nair delivered a lecture on the topic “Sopana Sangeetham: The Traditional Art of Kerala”. He spoke at length about the relevance of the art and the significance of the instrument “Edakka”. He stressed upon the symbolic significance of the Edakka as representative of the cosmic universe through the way in which the instrument is made. He also problematised the notions of patronage and the waning response to the art. This was followed by a live performance. The question and answer session saw some students, who are practitioners of the artform, delve into the reasons why women are often prevented from performing this art on stage. Mr. Anil addressed the issue of revolutionizing the art form in tune with the contemporary response.

The logo and poster of the National Seminar on Narrating Centers and Peripheries: Minority Discourses in India, scheduled for 12 & 13 Jan 2015 was displayed by Professor John Joseph Kennedy, Dean, Humanities and Social Sciences and HOD of English, who spoke about the importance of folk art.

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