Tuesday 25 August 2015

REPORT ON INTERACTION WITH JAPANESE DELEGATES: A discussion on the trends of higher education system in India and Japan

A discussion on the trends of higher education system in India and Japan was conducted in the seminar hall 2nd block, CUFE on 25/06/2015. This discussion gave an insight about differences in education in the two countries. Initially, the entire team was gladly received by Dr.Iven Jose, Mr.Balachandran K and Ms.Merin Sebastian. The delegates for the day were Mr.Ippei Nishida, Mr.Tetsuya Miyahara, Mr.Arta Makino, Mr.Katsunori Watanable and Mr.Yosuke Natami who are working in Kabusikigaisha System Consultant and currently doing their business training in SCII, System Consultant Information India. They were accompanied by a team from SCII which included CEO of SCII, Mr. Alexander C. Varkey.

After the formal discussion they were taken for a campus tour followed by a discussion on higher education in India and Japan. The agenda for the day was a presentation by the delegates on what is learning? What is work?” and interaction with the students on “Higher education in India and Japan”. The discussion was between students of final year M.Tech, final year B.Tech and Japanese delegates. 

The entire session was divided into two:

Brief presentation by Japanese delegates:

They started with an introduction about themselves and of their employer KSC, Tokyo which was established in the year 1968. They explained how the company got well entrenched and growing across the globe and how their branch in Tumkur, India started which is the place they are currently undergoing training. After completing their introduction about where they belong and what they are, they raised some relevant questions such as “what is learning? What is work?” They described how education is in Japan and how their recruitment processes are carried out.

The discussion continued with the topic on higher studies in India and Japan:

Our students were divided into two groups and the discussion started with our introduction followed by a few questions on higher education and job opportunities. Students reported that it helped them to understand that there are two streams viz technical and non-technical. It intrigued them to learnt that the IT Companies there do not restrict them to choose only science subjects, and that the ratio of people who do higher studies in Japan as compared to India is less. After this there was a discussion on job hopping or attrition where it was found to be less in Japan in contrast to India.

At the end of the session the gathering was briefed about the discussions that happened. The whole session was interactive and very informative that helped our students to understand a different culture and education system. The students learnt that Japan is well known for mechanical engineering and innovations and that India stands third largest in the world in terms of higher education. It was suggested that some methods which the Japanese are rich in may be adopted by the Indian system and vice versa.

Everyone had a wonderful time having an immensely interesting talk with the foreign delegation and students from both sides absorbed a lot of things. The discussion ended up by a concluding speech followed by vote of thanks.


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