Sunday 10 September 2017

Guest Lecture on Supply Chain and Its Operations

Supply Chain and Its Operations 
School of Business Studies and Social Sciences, Christ University, Bannergatta Campus organised a Guest lecture on 5th July 2017.The main objective of the guest lecture was to impart knowledge on logistics  and supply chain management as a part of strategy
The guest speaker of the day was Ms Pallavi Khandelwal Market lead at She has close to five years for experience in logistics and Supply Chain 
 It was an eye opener session which helped the students to get an insight about Supply Chain Management operations.  She highlighted the  increasing demand for qualified logistics professional in domestic & International  markets.The Speaker gave insight of  how supply chain principles and processes are critical to supporting and delivering services .She also discussed as  how goods availability (components and finished goods) must be coordinated with resources and expertise to meet a service demand.
The topic also covered the evolving  and maturing nature of services based businesses and basic understanding and awareness of how to market your skills and knowledge in Supply Chain management across multiple service based industries.

The guest lecture was attended by 5FIBB and 3BBAH A Section students

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