Thursday 12 September 2013

INTERFACE 2013 - The Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science, Christ University held Interface 2013, a two-day IT festival on 28th and 29th August, organized by students of the BCA and B.Sc. streams, as part of the four-day Science Fest. This was the 17th anniversary of the festival and 2013 was the first year in which the festival was on a national scale. It was attended by 29 colleges from across the nation, spanning over 500 unique participants, breaking all records of the Science fest.

Preparations for the event started in late June, spearheaded by Faculty co-ordinators Mrs. Monisha Singh, Mr. Peter Augustine and Mr. Saravanakumar K and student co-ordinators Ulfath Abdul Sulaiman, Nandita Gupta, Vaibhav Gupta and Ashwin Agarwal. The festival comprised 9 technical and 7 non-technical events, coming up to a total of 16 events. One unique event was Event X, where participants had no idea regarding event details prior to Interface 2013. Keeping in with this year’s theme of Augmented Reality, the poster had a QR code which could be scanned by our App, available for Android. Both our posters and brochure were innovatively designed and were much appreciated by the participating colleges. Our mascot Argon, who had several avatars, symbolized the spirit of progress and development, and our theme Augmented Reality.

The Invitation package contained a poster, a brochure and an official letter, and was posted to national colleges and hand-delivered to colleges in and around Bangalore.

Interface was popularised through Facebook, Twitter and our official radio partners Indigo 91.9 fm. In addition, our official Interface website was designed to garner maximum attention. Registrations were paperless this year, as they were done through our website.

Rajeev Makhni, the GADGET GURU of India, wished to be available as the chief guest of the event. However, due to his unaccommodating schedule, he couldn’t make it. He was however, kind enough to send us a video clip of himself, educating our audience on Augmented Reality and promising to be here in person for Interface 2014.

Our video team, FTW productions, did a fantastic job promoting and summarizing the event through our opening video aptly titled – “Welcome to the Program” available on YouTube and our Facebook page .

Continuing the trend from last year, students of Christ University abstained from participation in the events, instead opting to focus all their energies into organizing what turned out to be arguably the largest event the science fest has ever seen. New trophies were designed for each event and for overall winners and runners-up. Both the overall winners and overall runners-up trophies are no longer rolling, and were bagged by Kristu Jayanti College and Garden City College respectively.

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