Wednesday 11 December 2013

‘OTHELLO’ – The Moor of Venice : The School of Law, Christ University

The School of Law, Christ University presents 
one of Shakespeare’s finest and most complex tragedies :

‘OTHELLO’ – The Moor of Venice.

In the enviable tradition of presenting  a Shakespearean drama – unabridged – every year, the School of Law, Christ University presents Shakespeare’s immortal classic ‘Othello’  this year. On November 30 and December 1 in the Christ University main auditorium (also one of the finest in Bangalore) and on December 3 in Kengeri campus.

Handpicked from a clutch of premium actors, the key roles of OTHELLO are played by mature actors who show remarkable prescience and understanding of the vagaries of the human psyche coupled with the tragedy of ambition.

Christ University’s venture into mega productions began in 2012. With script,music and dance entirely written, composed and created by students across the disciplines of the University, ‘Of Power and Passion’ was produced in 2012 and ‘Francesco’ was presented in 2013. ‘David- The Warrior, The King, The Man’ will be staged in March 2014. 

It is the first University n the country to have pioneered a degree programme in Theatre Studies – the first performance by the Theatre Studies Students was ‘ Savre’ a revue of excerpts from musical theatre of the 20th century. Likewise, the School of Law performed  Shakespeare’s‘The Merchant Of Venice’in 2012 and will now present ‘Othello’ in November, this year.

The play is directed by theatre professional Esther Yates,who trainedin the Calcutta Light Opera Group and Society and with Pearl and Alyque Padamsee later. 

‘Othello’ by the School of Law promises to deliver powerful, poignant and piquant  performances and theatrical genius rarely seen at university levels.


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