Tuesday 2 September 2014

A Report on - INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP ON SOUL MEDICINE (Department of Psychology)

A full day Workshop on Interactive Soul Medicine was organized by the Department of Psychology on August 23, 2014 between 9-4p.m., at Christ University (main campus). The primary objective of the workshop was to help participants gain more self awareness and transform their stress levels to enhance their performance based on cognitive neuroscience applications. Dr. Joshy E.V, a practicing Senior Neurologist and Chief of Department of Neurosciences at Sri Satya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences, Whitefield, Bangalore served as a facilitator for the workshop.

The Inaugural ceremony of the workshop was graced by the presence of Dr. Fr. Thomas C. Mathew, Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Mallika Krishnaswami, Dean, Humanities and Social Sciences, Dr. Fr. Vargees, CFO,  Dr.Tony Sam George, Head, Department of Psychology and Dr. K. Jayashankar Reddy. Dr. Tony welcomed the participants and introduced them to the concept and focus of the workshop. Dr. Fr. Thomas. C. Mathew in his innagural address, highlited the theme of the workshop and urged its importance in the modern day living and introduction of the facilitator of the workshop, Dr. Joshy. E. V  by Dr. K. Jayasankar  Reddy.

The workshop began with Dr. Joshy. E. V highlighting the overview of the workshop. The first topic for discussion was about chronic stress and reversed polarity. In this he discussed the causes and effects of everyday stressors. He demonstrated a deep breathing technique that would be beneficial for individuals and will help them lead a balanced life.

During the course of workshop, he briefed on concept of quality of life and how to achieve an ideal quality of life. The outcome of which would be increased efficiency and performance that would help us in achieving new heights of success. He emphasized on holistic development of individual for effective contribution to self and society. Some of the interesting topics that were covered during the talk were about life lessons, karma release and creating an awakening zone and DNA being the seat of our soul. Towards the end he focused on expanded consciousness “Human Akash”, access to which would lead to evolution of humanity. It would help in creating a whole new world that would be free of terror, war and violence. 

Dr. Joshys’ right brain approach was very unique and creative. All the sessions were very interactive and provided participants with great insight in creating realistic attitudes and perceptions about the world. Overall, it was a thought-provoking experience, and opened doors to some unknown realms.

Dr. K. Jayasankar Reddy
Associate Prof.
Department of Psychology

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