Friday 12 September 2014

A Report - Workshop on Application of Geographical Information System (GIS)

A two day workshop on application of GIS was conducted by the department of civil engineering and Civil simplified on 22nd and 25th of August, 2014 at Kengeri campus.

The inauguration of the workshop was graced by the presence of Fr. Benny Thomas, Director and Dr. Iven Jose, Associate Dean, Christ University Faculty of Engineering. Prof. Raghunandan Kumar, coordinator, Dept of Civil Engineering welcomed the students and introduced the importance and concept of GIS. Prof. Srinidhikumar introduced the speakers of the workshop.

Civil Simplifiedis a brainchild of IIT Kanpur alumni formed with the intention of improving awareness about the latest trends in civil engineering and to bridge the gap between industry requirements and what academia offers. It aims to come up with tailor made courses/ workshops that would equip young Indian students with the skills and knowledge related to various aspects of civil engineering. It strongly believes that complicated engineering concepts can be taught in a simple manner using innovative methodologies. Through well-structured lectures, workshops and other practical sessions, they help students understand the complicated topics of civil engineering in an interesting way.

Geographic Information System (GIS) technology has predominantly changed how our world is analyzed and modelled. Be it small businesses, multinational companies, agriculture-based companies, educational institutions, or maps guiding a lost individual- GIS finds application in many areas. The rapid growth rate of data poses huge challenge to its interpretation. GIS provides an easy and more efficient way to interpret geospatial data – to create a topographic map with elevation, angles and other features. The Applications of GIS workshop exposes the participants to the concepts and applications of GIS in use for multiple disciplines. Participants will learn to create, edit, visualize, and analyze geospatial information and apply this learning to work on a vast range of projects where GIS technology is used.

This workshop was split into 2 modules:
Lecture: Participants were taught various concepts involved in GIS and various methods of data collection along with its interpretations.

Practical session: This session involved CAD based plotting and mapping using a given set of data.

125 students from the department of civil engineering participated in the workshop. All the sessions were very interactive and provided participants with great insight to applications of GIS.

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