Friday 26 September 2014

Report on Poster Presentation on ‘Cyber Security’Awareness

The 3rd semester MTech Students (3MTPS, 3MTSE, 3MTCN, 3MTMD, 3MTCS/IT) presented different posters as a part of cyber security awareness program. Cyber Security is a subject offered by the Dept. of CSE. 

The posters were displayed on the notice boards in the foyer II Block, Christ University, Kengeri campus on September 15th 2014.

The topics displayed by the students were Information Technology Acts 2000 and 2008, different sections available in it under cyber laws, India and also showcased various cyber-attacks with corresponding counter measures.

This event received a good appreciation from all the departments’ students as well as faculty. The coordinators for the event were Prof. K Pradeep Kumar and Prof. M Moses.


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